Can an osteopath or chiropractor correct my Atlas?

Some people mistakenly believe that they can receive the same type of Atlas treatment by means of vibro-resonance, by contacting their therapist. Basically, it is impossible to remedy the first rotated cervical vertebra without having the necessary technical equipment.

So why insist on being treated with old techniques for manipulating the cervical spine, just because they are better known and more widespread, if there are now new ones that are more effective and risk-free?
manipolazione cervicale e correzione dell'AtlanteAtlantomed is a unique treatment, unless your therapist is also an Atlantomed specialist, you have no hope of receiving even a vaguely similar treatment. If you go to just any therapist, you will not be able to benefit from the results of a genuine Atlas correction. Thousands of testimonials confirm this.

The intention is in no way to denigrate other therapies or therapists, but rather to present an alternative that is more effective than the old techniques and at the same time risk-free. To put it in computer language: 'important update available'. The update applies to both patients and therapists.

Although what we write may not be pleasant to read for insiders, who in good faith carry out manipulations, for the sake of truth we cannot avoid disclosing this new knowledge. The benefits for suffering people are too important to be ignored, just because some therapist might feel annoyed by reading what we write.

An incorrect position of the Atlas can result in up to 8 degrees of rotation. According to our experience, such a rotation cannot be corrected, neither by chiropractic or osteopathic treatment, nor by manual medicine. This reality can be confirmed by the physiotherapists, osteopaths or chiropractors themselves, who practised classical manual manipulations and mobilisations before becoming Atlantomed specialists. Who better to make valid comparisons than those who know and are able to practise both techniques? Do you really think that an osteopath, who knows ONLY his manipulations, can make a reliable comparison? To say that one thing is better than another is to know them both well, otherwise we are talking about hot air. Unfortunately, this is exactly what some people do, and what's worse, there are many people who will listen to them, without asking how they can make comparisons with something they know nothing about, and have no practical experience with, other than hearsay. The facts speak for themselves, and at the bottom of the page you will find thousands of facts, in the form of testimonies confirming what we write.

But back to the manipulations. After a short time after the cervical thrust, the complaints usually reappear, together with a new joint blockage, because the misalignment is still present. Following the above theory, one would be led to think that this occurs because the Atlas may only be a secondary problem, resulting from other dysfunctions or "blocks" present in the body.

Our experience and results show instead that the real scenario is completely antithetical to that hypothesised by chiropractors. The real reason why complaints usually return after a short period of time is that simply the position of the Atlas was never really correct.

Study on damage from cervical chiropractic manipulation

The thesis of chiropractors and osteopaths

According to the theories of chiropractors and osteopaths, the blockage of a joint is always the consequence of the incorrect position of a vertebra. This leads to the theory that once this joint blockage is resolved, the incorrect position of the vertebra is also resolved at the same time.

However, this theory does not apply to the Atlas joint, which, due to its anatomical characteristics, mechanically behaves more like a part of the skull than a vertebra. In spite of this, this reality is in fact completely ignored, the Atlas being considered in the same way as other vertebrae.

In chiropractic, it is taught how a manoeuvre lasting a tenth of a second, called a thrust, can "unblock" the Atlas. We at Atlantomed point out that unblocking the Atlas and correcting the Atlas are two different things that have absolutely no equal value: correcting the Atlas also resolves the blockage, but the opposite does not happen.


What led to this belief? Only a minority of those treated experience a relapse after Atlantomed correction, while most of them claim to have achieved a permanent change in their state of health. I am not aware of the same happening with other practices. The lasting results achieved are one of the main reasons why we attach so much importance to the correct positioning of the Atlas vertebra.

Trusting is good, not trusting is...

With the help of spiral CT images, taken before and after chiropractic manipulations, we can demonstrate how the rotation of the Atlas continues to be present even after the osteopathic or chiropractic manoeuvre. This is the real reason why disturbances, after a possible initial relief due to the alleviation of muscular tension, regularly recur. It is also the reason why little importance is attached to the Atlas, since until now there has been no effective solution for correcting its position. With Atlantomed things have changed.

If you don't believe our words, you can have CT images taken before and after manipulation to verify what we have said. Try asking your therapist how many CT scans he has compared before and after a cervical manipulation. The answer will usually be: "NONE"! But despite this, many therapists still vehemently and even a little presumptuously claim that their manipulations can correct the vertebrae, even though they have never unequivocally verified that this actually happens. They blindly trust their teachers, who in turn trusted their previous teachers, despite the fact that there was a time when today's equipment, indispensable for objective validation of their theories, did not exist. The blind teaching the blind to walk, if the aphorism can make sense.

From our point of view, wanting to correct the Atlas through chiropractic manipulation is equivalent to trying to drive a nail into reinforced concrete with a single blow with the palm of the hand.
Vertebra Atlante sopra epistrofeo
By applying the Atlantomed technique of correcting the Atlas using vibroresonance, two sessions are generally sufficient to restore the Atlas to its neutral position in the long term. This can also be demonstrated with the aid of CT images taken before and after treatment.

For the sake of clarity, we would like to point out that the content of this website is not intended as a promise or guarantee of recovery. Even after Atlantomed treatment, there may be isolated cases that do not experience any significant changes. What we have stated derives from the analysis of the results on the majority of the subjects treated.

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