Effectiveness of Atlas realignment

Studio sull'efficacia del riallineamento dell'Atlante
The Atlantomed method consists of a special vibro-pressure technique on the cervical area with the aim of correcting the Atlas vertebra. In order to be able to statistically evaluate the development of complaints after treatment, 504 patients who had undergone correction of the vertebrae at two Atlantomed centres in Switzerland and Sweden were analysed.

The study was carried out using a standard questionnaire, completed directly by the patient, immediately before and after treatment, during a control session.
The questionnaire comprised 18 predefined complaints fields (e.g. neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, headaches, insomnia and migraine) and patients were asked to indicate the level of frequency and intensity of each of their complaints, before and after treatment, using a 7-level scale (without verbal definition of the scale levels).

The questionnaires were then analysed and statistically evaluated by the scientific institute INKAM (Institute for Customer Satisfaction Analysis and Marketing Prof. Dr. Theis GmbH, Marburg, Germany).

A total of 504 people took part in the study, including 297 women and 207 men, aged between 16 and 84. The precision of the analysis of the results is +/- 4.45% (degree of certainty 95.5%).

The results of the study

  • Among the treated patients who participated in the study, only a small number of them indicated that they suffered from only one or two disorders. Usually 10 or more complaints were reported.
  • One month after treatment, 74% of patients were free of at least one of the complaints.
  • The greatest success of the treatment with regard to the complete disappearance of pain was achieved in migraine patients: 39% of the participants in the study were free of migraine within one month of the Atlas correction, and a further 43% experienced a reduction in the frequency and/or intensity of their pain.
  • More than 85% of all patients surveyed, approximately one month after Atlantomed treatment, indicated that they were free of the disorder or had at least a reduction in frequency and/or intensity for the following complaints: neck pain, headaches and muscle pain.
  • At least 7 out of 10 patients surveyed indicated after Atlantomed treatment that they had got rid of or experienced at least a reduction in the frequency and/or intensity of the following complaints: shoulder pain, dizziness, migraine, back pain, drowsiness, hip pain, insomnia, tinnitus, depression and gastrointestinal complaints.
Studio sul riallineamento dell'Atlante

Download the study

The detailed results of the study are collected in two versions of different lengths:

Atlas correction study - extended version
(130 pagine traduzione dal tedesco – pdf 3.1MB)

Atlas correction study - shortened version
(43 pagine traduzione dal tedesco – pdf 1.2MB)

Do you know of any other type of treatment after which people can say 'my 20-year migraine or vertigo has disappeared'?

Summary chart of the Atlantomed method study

Tabella riassuntiva studio efficacia riallineamento dell'Atlante
The results of the study refer EXCLUSIVELY to the realignment of the Atlas by means of vibro-resonance with the Atlantomed method and are not comparable with the results obtained with other types of corrections, methods or manipulations!

REPORT WITHOUT FILTERS: Atlantomed results on 4780 people

We ask the people we treated to evaluate and comment on the treatment they received after some time. Below you can download and view the full PDF report.

Uomo salta felice dei risultati della correzione dell'Atlante


In this document, all these evaluations and comments on them are published, regardless of whether we have been evaluated negatively or positively.

The number of positive reviews far exceeds the number of those who have given Atlantomed Atlas Correction a negative rating. A very large proportion of people give the top rating of 5 stars in all 3 categories.

However, one can also see in this list of ratings that the Atlantomed Atlas correction cannot conjure away all problems for everyone, or that, after an initial improvement, the original complaints have reappeared. Nevertheless, you can see that in many cases where the desired treatment result did not occur, the therapist and the treatment received a 5-star rating. This is an indication that a misalignment of the atlas is not the only cause of all the symptoms for which we are consulted. We describe this fact in detail on our website. But the only way to determine if the atlas misalignment is the cause is to correct the atlas misalignment.
What you can also read in these statistics is that the number of consistently negative 1-star ratings is vanishingly small. Nevertheless, each of these evaluations hurts us a lot.

We work enthusiastically to improve your health, put all our expertise at your disposal and guarantee maximum commitment to our work. Of course, we welcome any criticism, but only if it is constructive and based on sound arguments.

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