Who we are?

Atlantomed therapeuten

We are a group of physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and doctors who apply the Atlas correction method with vibro-resonance developed in Switzerland by Alfredo Lerro since 2006. Atlantomed is expanding its global presence, revolutionising the approach to restoring health.

We specialised in the correction of the first two cervical vertebrae after recognising the crucial influence they have on the entire organism. Thanks to an innovative treatment, far removed from conventional practices, we are able to induce significant changes in the state of health with a single application, enabling the body to overcome ailments such as headaches/headaches that are considered incurable by medicine. Many seemingly inexplicable ailments now find a logical cause and above all a simple, often definitive solution.

What do we do?

Atlantomed represents a therapeutic approach of an exclusively mechanical nature, focused on identifying and correcting any misalignment of the first cervical vertebra, known as the Atlas. Through the therapist's skilful palpatory assessment or, if necessary, through appropriate radiological examinations, the Atlantomed practitioner verifies and subsequently corrects the Atlas when indicated. To guarantee optimal results, we use a device specially designed and manufactured by Alfredo Lerro, which exploits the principle of vibro-resonance.

After the Atlas correction and the elimination of the causal factor of the disorder, the body starts a phase of self-regulation, gradually adopting a more correct posture, provided that no other prevailing disturbing factors are present. As the musculoskeletal balance gradually improves, in many cases, the body regains proper functioning and manifests remarkable self-healing abilities.

This approach differs significantly from traditional medicine, and as a result, there are equally distinct and lasting results.

What do we not do?

The Atlantomed method does not involve manipulation of the cervical vertebrae, giving the treatment a risk-free profile.

In addition to not manipulating the vertebrae, we wish to emphasise that we do not manipulate the results in any way either. We are firmly committed to the integrity of the data and unreservedly condemn any attempt at alteration or falsification. What you read on these pages is authentic, even though it may seem unusual. I challenge you to find other approaches with over 9000 testimonials to their credit. Nevertheless, we do not promise cures. The success rate of the treatment is around 75%, which means that while it is effective for most people, it may not guarantee positive results for the remaining 25%.

Our Values

We are fully aware of the enormous responsibility involved in performing such a powerful treatment, which can dramatically improve people's quality of life in a way that previously seemed impossible with other approaches or therapies. Our dedication to ethics and transparency is inseparable from this awareness, and we constantly strive to be the excellent reference in the field, distinguished by our seriousness and passion. It is precisely this responsibility that is holding us back from rapid expansion. We choose the therapists to whom we entrust our method very carefully, keeping only the most excellent in our group. We always prioritise quality and results.

There is no greater value than witnessing the gratitude and light in the eyes of people healed from a long ordeal. These are priceless moments that fuel our mission to make positive and lasting change in the lives of the people we choose to treat.


Increase public awareness of the consequences of Atlas misalignment.

To widely promote the Atlantomed method, making it accessible to an increasing number of individuals, helping them to get rid of recurring disorders.

Train new therapists on a global scale, with the aim of creating a network of highly qualified professionals, ready to provide support anywhere in the world.

Raise awareness of the importance of PREVENTATIVE CHECK of Atlas misalignment, especially in children, without waiting for symptoms to manifest.


Spread the Atlantomed method of Atlas correction with vibro-resonance worldwide.

Move from the traditional approach of cervical manipulations to an advanced, effective and safe treatment.

Make preventive testing of the first cervical vertebra in adults and children a standardised practice according to the principle "prevention is better than cure". To root this awareness in society, contributing to a general reduction in the occurrence of related disorders and pathologies.

Contribute to a proactive health culture, enabling people to enjoy a life without constant nuisance complaints.

What differentiates us from others?

  • Complete transparency: on our website, we provide in a comprehensive, honest and forthright manner all information, both pro and con, on the Atlantomed correction. We make every effort to clearly explain the details of the treatment, including possible reactions, to ensure that you are fully informed before embarking on any procedure.
  • Real-time human support: our live chat is operated by competent human beings and not by annoying automated bots. We respond quickly and professionally to your questions, offering immediate and personalised support.
  • Reliability based on experience: the Atlantomed method is the result of almost two decades of experience in the field. Its availability in several countries testifies to its reliability and success in providing an effective solution.
  • Continuous innovation: we constantly invest in innovation and development of technology and instrumentation. The 5 generations of Atlas correction devices and the 3 laser measurement systems for posture analysis demonstrate our commitment and dedication to quality and effectiveness.
  • Optimised and accessible website: our website has been redesigned several times to progressively improve the content in various languages. We use the latest and most advanced technologies to ensure fast navigation, improving usability and user experience.
  • Unique therapist search system: We have developed a unique system that simplifies the search for Atlantomed therapists worldwide, using geolocalisation to present a list sorted by distance, including up-to-date waiting times for an appointment.
  • Proprietary online agenda: Our convenient online agenda makes it easy to book, change and cancel appointments with our therapists, offering a quick and time-saving process over the phone and without having to write e-mails.
  • Commitment to quality and results: we are committed to ensuring a high standard of quality in every Atlantomed centre, with a transparent and abuse-proof review system that promotes competition between therapists, thereby increasing the overall quality of the treatments offered.

How are we perceived?

The perception of Atlantomed may vary depending on the perspective:

  • On the part of health professionals: we are often seen as 'troublesome', as many patients, after experiencing the Atlantomed treatment, get rid of their recurring complaints for good. This can be interpreted as taking away clients and challenging the status quo of more traditional practitioner methodologies. However, we are aware that innovation often goes through phases of resistance before it is accepted. Those, however, who understand the importance of what we do and have experienced directly or indirectly the remarkable results that can be achieved with this new approach, choose to support us or join us.
  • Past criticism and hostility: Atlantomed has faced unfounded criticism and attacks from therapists and doctors, including methodical attempts to discredit us and the effectiveness of the treatment with fabricated negative reviews. Envy and resistance to innovation are challenges we have overcome, proving our strength and validity with over 9000 testimonials.
  • From our patients: on the other hand, those who have come to know and experience Atlantomed point to it as the most reliable and effective Atlas correction method currently available. Many are extremely grateful for regaining their quality of life after previously unsuccessful treatments.
  • Understanding the limitations of the treatment: we recognise that 25% of cases may not achieve the desired results, but emphasise that the Atlantomed treatment is not a panacea and requires an appropriate approach and a thorough understanding of the treatment and one's own health status.
  • Therapist emotions and impact on clients: Atlantomed specialists experience significant gratification when listening to their patients' successes, especially when they get rid of persistent pain after years of suffering. Successes can have a profound emotional impact, often leading to tears and hugs.
  • Clarity on treatment: Atlantomed always tries to make it clear that treatment should not be taken lightly and requires a serious and informed approach. Knowledge of the subject is crucial, and our site provides detailed information to ensure that people are aware of what to expect before embarking on treatment.

Our ideal client

The Atlantomed treatment is particularly suitable for those:

  • Suffer from recurring complaints: it is ideal for those who face recurring complaints, such as chronic headaches, persistent neck pain or other symptoms related to Atlas misalignment.
  • He is looking for a definitive solution to his ailments, and would like to free himself permanently from dependence on drugs or continuous therapies.
  • Wishes to avoid risks and invasive treatments: prefers an advanced and safe approach, avoiding the risks associated with other methods. Opts for non-invasive treatments, desiring a mechanical realignment approach without resorting to surgery.
  • He is open to innovation: he accepts and appreciates innovation in the field of health, seeking treatment that differs from the usual conventional approaches.
  • He is willing to understand the treatment: he is willing to understand the Atlas correction process in depth, actively participating in his own healing process.
  • Seeking tangible results: looking for concrete and lasting results, going beyond mere temporary relief between one pill and the next. They want to improve their quality of life through treatment that addresses the roots of their ailments.
  • He appreciates the experience and innovation of Atlantomed, seeking treatment performed by professionals with a long history of success.
  • Values transparency and honesty: values transparency and honesty both before and after treatment, with clear and detailed information facilitating informed decisions.
  • He wants to improve his quality of life, aspiring to a life free of recurring pains and limitations.
If you recognise yourself in these characteristics, the Atlantomed treatment could be the ideal solution for you. Explore our website for more details and to understand how we can help you reach your health goals.

The history of Atlantomed

For many years, manual therapists have recognised the involvement of the misaligned first cervical vertebra in a number of disorders. Atlas correction is nothing new, especially in Switzerland, the home of this technique.

Conventional practices, including chiropractic and osteopathic manipulations, often produce only temporary results, forcing people to undergo continuous treatment without permanently resolving the problem. Atlantomed was born out of an awareness of the importance of the first cervical vertebra and a desire to offer a more permanent solution.

In 2004, Alfredo Lerro, freethinker and founder of Atlantomed, undertook an in-depth analysis of the various Atlas correction methodologies available at the time. He noticed that each approach had positive points, but also negative sides. This observation prompted Lerro, with his perfectionist personality, to seek more advanced solutions.

Alfredo Lerro's philosophy is clear: do not settle for mediocre results when you can achieve so much more. This evolution is based on learning from past mistakes.

Thanks to Atlantomed, it was possible to highlight the importance and exact dynamics of the processes involving the first cervical vertebra. This highlighted how many of the previously accepted cause-and-effect theories were based on completely fallacious assumptions and observations, while others were based on a compartmentalised knowledge of the dynamics involved. This led to inadequate therapeutic approaches to solve the problem in a lasting way.

Atlantomed has evolved by overcoming the shortcomings of previous approaches. Independent radiological studies conducted by Alfredo Lerro have deepened our understanding of the dynamics of the cervical vertebrae. This new knowledge shaped the Atlantomed method of correction by vibro-resonance as we know it today.

More than 9,000 testimonials in favour of Atlantomed, compared to a few dozen other methods, emphasise its effectiveness, highlighting the considerable improvement potential available compared to what existed before.

Conventional medicine shows complete disregard for the connection between misalignment of the Atlas and various disorders. This short-sighted approach leads to the misdiagnosis of problems that could result from a malposition of the Atlas.

There are other practices aimed at the Atlas that assume misalignments of a few tenths of a millimetre and others such as AtlasPROfilax, which imagines a complete dislocation of the Atlas with a rotation of 45°, presenting only drawings as evidence and ignoring the fact that dislocations of this magnitude would be incompatible with life.

As is often the case, the truth lies somewhere in between, and both approaches fail to fully grasp the problem and size it correctly. Alfredo Lerro's research has shown that people can show a misalignment of the Atlas up to 8 degrees in rotation, with or without lateral slippage, with or without misalignment of the second vertebra called Axis.

The application of theories based on erroneous assumptions leads to equally erroneous treatments, as the inability to fully understand the conditions of the problem prevents adequate responses to solve it.

For example, chiropractic attempts to correct misalignments of the cervical spine with dry, abrupt impulses to the neck, whereas gentler, more progressive treatments would be more appropriate. In America and Northern Europe, there is a gradual shift to gentler manipulations, known as 'low force', in response to claims and lawsuits arising from cervical manipulations gone wrong, resulting in death or permanent damage. These incidents have cast a shadow over chiropractic, fuelling scepticism and fear towards all types of neck treatments. Who has not heard of people who have suffered damage or died after chiropractic manipulation?

Deluding oneself that one can correct the Atlas with a single impulse is equivalent to believing one can drive a nail into concrete with a single hammer blow.

Other methods try to correct misalignments not only manually, but also with the help of various tools, as in the case of Atlas Orthogonal. Atlaslogy, on the other hand, relies on mental energy and assumes that the misalignment of the Atlas is only a few tenths of a millimetre, which can be corrected through the power of thought and the application of 2 grams of pressure with the fingers, in a rocking motion.

AtlasPROfilax by René Schümperli

The person who empirically came closest to a lasting solution to the Atlas problem was René Schümperli (deceased in 2013) founder of AtlasPROfilax, to whom Alfredo Lerro is indebted for steering him towards this practice. Although AtlasPROfilax allows better results than other techniques, it presents erroneous assumptions and dangerous simplifications, such as the idea that all Atlases are indiscriminately dislocated, that all are on the same side and that the treatment has no contraindications. This simplification made it possible to skip the preliminary verification of the position of the vertebra, making up for the lack of training. In fact, almost all AtlasPROfilax practitioners do not have any medical training. If they had really been able to verify the position of the vertebra, they certainly would not have corrected everyone in the same way. However, it must be acknowledged that Atlantomed would not have existed without the initial contribution of AtlasPROfilax, despite the latter's mistakes and limitations.

When Schümperli was confronted by Lerro with a series of CT images from an expert radiologist and neurologist in Zurich with 30 years' experience, which unequivocally showed maximum Atlas displacements in the order of 8 degrees and certainly not 45 as Schümperli had assumed, what is more, with rotations of the vertebrae to both the right and left, effectively disproving his theories, the first thing Schümperli did, a fact known only to a few, was to threaten the Zurich radiologist, demanding secrecy and non-disclosure of the images.

Schümperli, in an attempt to corroborate his absurd theory, commissioned a study in 2010 from Dr med Rainer M. M. Siebel, who later went to prison for three years for fraud and corruption, without ever showing even a single radiological image in the axial plane to validate his hypothetical 45° misalignment.

The erroneous assumptions of Schümperli and AtlasPROfilax inevitably led to an incorrect correction in all those cases in which the 'dislocation' differed from that assumed. In addition, this method uses a treatment device that is too light which in practice proved to be both extremely noisy and ineffective, especially when applied to people with particularly tense muscles.

After criticising us for years, claiming that the AtlantoVib device we developed and patented would be so powerful as to be harmful, the AtlasPROfilax executives thought it best to copy our first AtlantoVib model, effectively infringing our patent. Meanwhile, our device has evolved into the fifth generation while theirs has remained the same, without resonance or modulation.

After Schümperli's death, the AtlasPROfilax group disavowed the founder's theory, which it had previously defended vehemently for a decade, finally adopting the Atlantomed thesis, leaving behind the implausible 'all Atlases are dislocated on the same side' theory.

AtlasPROfilax does not involve any muscle preparation, and the short treatment can be thwarted by overstretched muscles.

Over time, AtlasPROfilax therapists have largely dispersed, adopting different approaches at their own discretion. In contrast, Atlantomed (formerly Atlantotec) has entrenched its presence, garnering more and more approval and appreciation.

Atlantomed has raised the bar considerably for the results achievable with a true Atlas correction, offering a much longer (75 minutes) and structured treatment. This proved to be a winning move. Consistency and quality reward over time, unlike improvised solutions that tend to disappear quickly.

How was the AtlantoVib vibro-resonance device born?

Before proceeding with the real correction, we dedicate ourselves to a thorough muscular preparation of the entire spinal column. To achieve this, we resort to a more effective and faster alternative to traditional manual massage, which is able to 'reset' the entire spine.

In manual treatment disciplines, identifying the origin of muscular dysfunction is challenging. It is essential to identify the origin of the dysfunction among the different muscle chains, distinguishing it from the secondary effects or compensations underlying the postural imbalance.

Following the principle that simple things often turn out to be the best, Lerro, in his search for a more effective alternative, has come up with a powerful tool that can completely relax the different muscle layers and remove blockages wherever they are located. This device utilises the mechanical vibro-resonance of the muscle, an innovative principle that cannot be replicated with a manual massage.

After years of testing and field trials to find the right frequency range, the optimum modulation and the right oscillation amplitude to achieve maximum effectiveness in the shortest possible time, the first model of the AtlantoVib was born, a device as effective as it is revolutionary. Evolving to the fifth generation, the device exploits a principle previously unknown in the context of massage: muscle vibro-resonance. This innovation makes it possible to achieve deep and rapid relaxation, even involving internal skeletal muscles that are difficult to reach manually. In practice, the entire skeleton vibrates cyclically in response to vibro-resonance and modulation.

The Atlantomed method eliminates the need for cervical chiropractic manipulation and has proven to be more precise and effective in safely treating misalignment of the first cervical vertebrae. This represents a significant step forward, especially considering that chiropractic manipulation of the cervical spine can, in some cases, be the very cause of subsequent problems.

Yes, this confirmation comes directly from practitioners who, after years of practising cervical manipulations, have happily adopted the Atlantomed method. The transition highlights the effectiveness and safety of the method, demonstrating its value compared to previous practices.

Why choose Atlantomed?

Atlantomed: the choice for a life without a pulled handbrake.

  • Unique, powerful and effective treatment in two sessions: Atlantomed stands out for offering a targeted and highly effective treatment in just two sessions.
  • Aiming at the cause, not the symptom: Atlantomed is committed to identifying and addressing the root cause of the problem rather than just managing the symptoms, allowing patients to quickly regain optimal function.
  • Reducing dependence on continuous therapies and drugs: with Atlantomed, the aim is to free people from dependence on continuous therapies and drugs by offering a lasting solution. This not only improves quality of life, but also reduces the side effects associated with long-term drug treatment.
  • Constant innovation: Atlantomed is distinguished by its dedication to constant innovation. Continuous research and the development of ever better solutions ensure that the method remains at the forefront, offering the benefits of the latest discoveries in the field of Atlas correction.
  • Original source of solutions: in a world where many practices try to imitate, Atlantomed positions itself as the original source. By choosing Atlantomed, one opts for an authentic approach.
  • Contribution to better quality: by choosing to support Atlantomed instead of turning to its ugly copies, you not only contribute to your own well-being, but also to the preservation of the treatment's authenticity. This decision reflects your commitment to high quality standards, thus contributing to the collective well-being. Indifference, selfishness and superficial attitudes are actually undermining our world! Only Atlantomed does it like Atlantomed!

Choosing Atlantomed means adopting a state-of-the-art approach with lasting results. By exploring the different pages of our site, you will find all the information you need to make an informed decision.

What people say about us

The only ones with over 9000 testimonials and reviews in several languages! Click to access the related platforms and read many opinions, feedbacks, experiences and testimonials after the Atlantomed vibro-resonance Atlas correction. Be wary of imitations.

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