The right mental attitude

Atteggiamento mentale negativo

Why does one person heal after undergoing the same type of treatment and another person does not?

Mental attitude plays a key role in any healing process.

  • If you think you are going to be sick, you are likely to be really sick.
  • If you believe in healing, you will probably become healthy again.
What YOU consider to be reality, you will somehow make REAL.

In practical life, this principle comes up against the counter-intentions of others and of the environment, which can prevent the realisation of your intentions and the realisation of your reality. Within your own being, these external counter-intentions do not exist, so you are able to easily make happen what YOU believe should happen, unless, immediately after making a certain consideration, you yourself believe that the exact opposite is possible.

This intrinsic mechanism of 'knowing you are right' can create real disasters in life or, on the contrary, cause events that can appear to be miracles.

What does this mean?

What you think sets in motion physical mechanisms that can make it come true, whether it is something desirable or undesirable.

Your body is able to produce organic compounds on its own that can make you well or ill based on your thoughts. However, many of these phenomena are completely ignored by medicine, because they contradict its dogmas and paradigms (see links below).

To prove this point, there are several interesting experiments, some of which have been scientifically investigated by quantum physics and which completely undermine the current, universal laws of physics.

These phenomena will never be explained to you by medicine, which speculates on your remaining sick and ignorant about them.

Doctors often take credit for cures brought about by the patients themselves, trying to wrongly attribute them to the drugs they have prescribed.

If you are really certain that something will do you good, then it will do you good. If you believe it will do you harm, then it will most likely do you harm!

The first phenomenon is called the placebo effect and the second, the nocebo effect. Scientific studies quantify the effectiveness of the two phenomena as 30% and 50% respectively. This means that if you are convinced that something will hurt you, then there is a 50% chance that it will actually happen.

Negative thoughts are capable of sabotaging the body's functions, even to the extreme point of leading the body to death. Examples of this phenomenon abound, as do deaths caused by sorrow alone.

To give you an example of the nocebo phenomenon, let me give you an event that took place in 2012 at a post office in Zurich, an event that I followed closely: an envelope broke, a white powder came out of it and the incident immediately turned into an Anthrax alarm.

As a result, 34 employees were transported to the emergency room and admitted to intensive care, with typical symptoms of poisoning: sudden headaches, coughing, vomiting and irritation of the respiratory tract.

After the necessary chemical analysis, which unfortunately takes its time, it turned out to be just ordinary flour. This story should make you understand what our minds are capable of.

Qui trovi il relativo articolo in tedesco: ARTICOLO DI GIORNALE.

Interesting scientific experiments on the subject can be found here: Download book.

Atteggiamento positivo

Positive thinking is not enough

If you now believe that it is enough to have positive thoughts to be able to heal, then you are wrong. It is not enough to have a thought, but it requires conviction and full awareness of the thought itself, you have to be CERTAIN that it is so, which is completely different from believing that it can be so.

Being certain is on a much higher plane than simply believing that it is so.

Let me give you an example: do you BELIEVE in the force of gravity or do you KNOW that it really exists? Do you BELIEVE that the sun will rise tomorrow or do you KNOW with absolute certainty that it will, because you have seen it happen every day of your life? Do you understand the difference?

If you are certain that being around a person with the flu will make you sick too, it will most likely happen. You will sabotage your immune system to such an extent that it will happen, in order to prove your Ego right and to be able to say "I knew it, I knew I would get sick when I was around them! If, on the other hand, you KNOW that being near a sick person will not cause you any problems, then you will probably not get sick.

The will to be right is even stronger than life itself. Just think how many people die all the time for an ideal, or in an attempt to make their thoughts come true.

The phenomenon described can easily be observed in mothers of families: everyone is sick except her! She knows that she cannot afford to fall ill, otherwise who would take care of her loved ones?

Even doctors in hospitals, although they are constantly in contact with infectious patients, do not usually fall ill themselves.

The same phenomenon can be observed in the business managers who run the show: they cannot afford to take time off work because of illness, so they generally do not fall ill. They do not see illness as a viable option and it does not arise in response.
Necessity sets in motion immune defence mechanisms that prevent them from falling ill.

The same principle works in reverse. If you are convinced that a certain habit will make you sick, there is a good chance that you will get sick. If you read it every time you light up a cigarette, if the smoker believes it, it will come true. And before he dies he will say: "I knew it, I knew I would get cancer!

There is no doubt that smoking is not good for you, but trying to persuade people to give it up with ploys like that only risks making them sicker!

I want to tell you two interesting facts that you probably don't know. You know those anti-smoking campaigns where you see a black lung impregnated with smoke, compared to a healthy lung? An organ in the state in which it is shown in those pictures does not exist in reality!

No pathologist in the course of an autopsy has ever seen lungs in that state! A living lung continually cleans itself, and any residues you may find are certainly not comparable to the images shown in those misleading anti-smoking campaigns.

But how do you get such images? Simple! You take a DEAD lung and connect it to a machine that pumps smoke into the lungs in the amount that a smoker would inhale during his or her lifetime.
Polmoni affumicati
Do you think this is a real condition? A LIVE lung cleans itself, it doesn't inhale smoke non-stop 24 hours a day and it certainly doesn't inhale it all at once. If you don't believe this, talk to a pathologist and ask him if he has ever seen such lungs!

Those pictures only serve to scare you in case you are a smoker and make you think your lungs are rotten, even though they are not. The effect on you is anything but positive and even more harmful than smoking itself.

Mouse experiments

Esperimenti sui topi
It is well known that smoking causes cancer. Right? How did they determine that? They put rats in a cage, "smoked" them for months and invariably they all died of cancer. The logical deduction according to the limited scientific method was that smoking causes cancer.

But let's see what really happens: rats often live in attics and basements, right? If a fire were to break out, escape routes would inevitably be blocked and death assured. Classic mice are therefore much more sensitive to smoke than humans. The slightest whiff of smoke and they run.

If you see rats running away en masse on the stairs, this is a sign that there is a fire or an earthquake is coming. What do you think happens to a mouse if you smoke it for months, 24 hours a day in a cage, with no possibility of escape?

For the record, most lab rats die of cancer as a result of their confinement. They only have a 2-year life expectancy, compared to 5 years for a mouse in the wild.

The same experiment was repeated using a species of mice that lives underground digging tunnels. Fire does not exist underground, so this type of mouse has no programming regarding the dangers of fire.

The result of the experiment was that, even after months of 'smoking', none of these mice developed cancer.

Reality is a bit different from what they tell you, isn't it?

Back to the Atlas correction

We have been observing this phenomenon for years in people treated with Atlantomed.

Those who have a positive attitude and believe in the treatment, usually also show benefits, while those who, on the contrary, come to us to prove that the method does not work and that we are only charlatans, are unlikely to see benefits.

By this I do not mean that the result is only the result of the placebo effect, but that your thoughts can greatly influence the result, both positively and negatively. This happens in any field and not only in this specific case.

At the basis of this is always the same phenomenon of wanting to prove to oneself and others that one is right at all costs, and any mechanism is set in motion to achieve the goal of making one's thoughts manifest in reality, even if it is to the detriment of one's health.

So, FIRST the thought matures and THEN it transforms the reality of things. It is thought that changes reality and not vice versa, as many mistakenly believe. A concept demonstrated in several experiments in quantum physics. The most famous is the double slit experiment.

The mere fact of becoming aware of this phenomenon can completely turn your life around! If you read books by highly successful people, you will see that this concept is always taken for granted and always present in their stories.

It takes a lot of sanity to admit that you are wrong and a lot of sanity to change your mind. Many people, not having it, are precluded from doing so.

What is the difference between rich and poor, between sick and healthy, between someone who enjoys life and someone who seems to have constant problems? MENTAL ATTITUDE, what you consider to be reality.

You can blame anything external or any other person, this unfortunately will not change your situation and state. You can complain about not having money, not being healthy, and all the other thousand negative things that happen to you: THAT WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR SITUATION. The only thing that will change it is an effort to change your mental attitude! You should first of all stop making negative considerations.

If the placebo effect has a 30% success rate and the nocebo effect a 50% success rate, it is easy to see that you have a much greater chance of becoming ill if you consider yourself to be ill than you do of becoming healthy if you consider yourself to be ill.

What does this turn of phrase mean? It means that what you think will influence the outcome you get in a percentage of 80%! 50% negative downwards and 30% positive upwards, which makes 80% in total. Does that seem small to you? 80% is a really big difference! Consider that for a drug to be approved as such, it has to prove that it is only 10% more effective than the placebo effect. Did you know that?

As long as you choose to cling to the trap of trying to prove to yourself and others that you are right about your negative thoughts, you will only be digging your own grave.

You MAY BE RIGHT, but it would be much healthier to want to be right about the positive and not the negative!

Negative mental attitude

Most people who claim no benefit after Atlantomed treatment usually share the same negative mental attitude.

As long as your game is to prove to others that a treatment does not work, you will certainly have great difficulty in healing.
Diseases are the physical manifestations of a negative mental state (Eduard Bach).

Leaving aside the technical failures in which the therapist made a mistake, in which the Atlas could not be corrected, in which the Atlas was not the cause of the disorder, or the rare individuals who are so bad that not even a miracle can help them, the remaining cases have the following mental attitudes in common:
Atteggiamento mentale negativo
  • I'll never get well anyway - I'm too sick - I'm hopeless;
  • I am sick and there is no remedy, no one can help me or heal me;
  • I don't understand anything, others have to take care of my health;
  • I don't have to do anything on my own and I don't have to understand anything;
  • I have the right to receive everything free of charge because there is health insurance;
  • I'm convinced that the treatment is just a ploy to cheat money, otherwise it would be free;
  • if it was as effective as they say it is, everybody would do it.

As explained above, it has been scientifically proven that a negative mental attitude can preclude 80% of the chances of recovery. Nevertheless, the Atlantomed treatment produces stable results in over 75% of those treated!

Listening too much to the body

Ascoltare troppo il disturbo
Another characteristic that is very evident in people who never seem to be able to improve is that they listen too closely to their bodies, i.e. they focus too much attention on the painful part of the body. It is well known that whatever you focus your attention on becomes important, while whatever you ignore tends to fade away.
If you constantly focus on the pain, you will only increase its intensity.

If you ignore it and minimise it, trusting your body and its power of self-healing, the pain will often disappear on its own as soon as it came.

Many pains and physical problems linger on, not because there is an organic reason for it, but because your mind and thoughts are constantly feeding it!
In the light of these considerations, you will understand that comparing one's own complaints or achievements with those of others does not make sense. A person with a positive attitude will probably benefit from an improvement, whereas someone who already has a negative attitude will probably not achieve the desired results.

If you do not get the results you were hoping for, it does not mean that the thousands of positive testimonials found on the net have been manipulated in any way, or that the Atlantomed method is not valid, but it is probably the fault of your negative attitude, which only YOU can change!

Before thinking that the treatment is bullshit, ask yourself with which mental attitude YOU face life and your health.

We can offer the best possible treatment, but if your attitude is set on failure, the chances of a disappointing result are unfortunately very high.
People with these characteristics are kindly requested to refrain from treatment: we would like to avoid further disappointment.

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