Lower back pain – Lumbago

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Some people periodically find themselves with a blocked lower back. When getting out of bed in the morning, or after an improper sudden movement, a sharp and sudden pain appears, gripping the back. The pain increases with every movement and forces you to sit still.

This condition is called lumbago or low back pain. Every movement seems to worsen the situation, the pain can be so severe that the sufferer is forced to lie on the floor and wait for help.

People who suffer from lumbago usually have poor posture, associated with a very tilted pelvis, with severe muscular contractures in the lumbar region.

Back pain is usually triggered by sudden 'cold' movements. These movements overload the ligaments and lumbar muscles, which are already overstressed by the crooked pelvis. Further unexpected loads trigger an involuntary spasmodic defence mechanism of stiffening of the lumbar muscles.

After the Atlantomed treatment, pelvic obliquity, hyperlordosis and posture in general can be visibly and permanently improved, effectively eliminating the underlying precarious condition, which then degenerates into a lumbago.
Many people claim to have had no more episodes of lumbago after the Atlantomed treatment.

The treatment can also be carried out in the acute phase immediately after the lumbago, as soon as the situation permits. In this case it is doubly useful, as the specific deep lumbar muscles affected by the witch's blow can be effectively worked and relaxed with immediate pain relief, without having to resort to sedative injections.

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