Hip and knee pain and meniscus problems

Dolore all'anca e alle ginocchia causato dalle articolazioni degenerate
We have found that hip or knee pain, which cannot be attributed to trauma to the limbs, almost always occurs in the joints of the apparently longer leg as a result of the tilted pelvis.

This is because the joints of this limb are dynamically more stressed. With an asymmetric pelvis, the weight distribution between one leg and the other can differ by up to 20 kg.

This can place greater stress on the tendons, meniscus, knee, hip and ankle joints, as the tilted pelvis inevitably forces a limb to twist.

Just as car tyres wear out asymmetrically if they are out of alignment, the human body can also wear out if the symmetry and posture are not correct.

The Atlantomed method can lead to a rapid and significant improvement in posture and pelvic obliquity, avoiding the resulting overloading of the knee and hip joints.

Continuous incorrect stress, in the long term generates inflammation of the affected tissues and can compromise the structural integrity, to the point of making surgery inevitable.

Hip pain and sciatica

Dolori all'anca, alle ginocchia e problemi al menisco



A misaligned Atlas can alter posture and trigger a chain reaction that causes an imbalance in the pelvis, which causes a misalignment of the hip, with a related blockage of the sacroiliac joint. This can trigger sciatic pain or inflammation of the ischiatic nerve, which in turn causes numbness in the leg or foot. Another unpleasant consequence that can occasionally be associated with this condition is lumbago or witch's blow.

If the bad posture underlying this condition is not effectively corrected, by checking the alignment of the Atlas and the cranio-mandibular dysfunction, and then correcting them if necessary, the painful condition will inevitably continue to occur.

What is needed is a much broader vision than the myopic vision typical of the doctor. When you say that your hip or knee hurts, he only looks at the area affected by the pain, without considering the statics of the body and the functional relationship between its parts.
This simple concept seems to be unknown to most people, including doctors: if you don't somehow correct your posture, you can take all the drugs you want, but you will never really get rid of the problem.

Many people report that their hip and knee pain unexpectedly disappeared after the Atlas correction, so much so that they seriously doubt the validity of medical treatments based on drugs, which are completely inadequate for solving chronic illnesses, but only useful for temporarily relieving symptoms.

Are you sure that drugs are the solution?

Ask yourself when was the last time medicine announced that it had finally solved any disease for good. How many truly HEALTHY people do you see around? Do you find it normal that the majority of the population is regularly sick and in pain? Don't you also think that there is something deeply wrong with the modern medical approach?

Although it should go without saying, I would like to add, in all fairness, that one cannot hope for recovery through Atlas correction alone if the knee or hip is already completely degenerated by arthrosis (osteoarthritis). The magic formula is: "prevention is better than cure". Have your children's Atlas checked and corrected, and don't wait until it is too late to intervene!

There is nothing wrong with medication per se, except that it is all too often misused, to relieve symptoms of mechanical origin that cannot be resolved by chemical means.

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