Cost and Duration

Durata e costi del trattamento Atlantomed

The Atlantomed Atlas correction treatment with vibro-resonance includes:

  • 2 sessions to be spaced over some 5 to 8 weeks.

It is possible to prepare for the realignment sessions by performing a prior preparatory session. For more information on the individual treatment sessions, click on the course of treatment.

Please consult the contraindications before your appointment. We may decline treatment in lieu of any listed absolute contraindications, whereas payment for the appointment shall be required.
DURATION:DURATION: 75 minutes 75 minutes 75 minutes
SwitzerlandSwitzerland 210 CHF 140 CHF 140 CHF
GermanyGermany 180 € 120 € 120 €
AustriaAustria 180 € 120 € 120 €
SloveniaSlovenia 160 € 110 € 110 €
SpainSpain 160 € 110 € 110 €
CHILDREN: up to 14 years of age, we generally foresee one single session (60' approx.) at the same price of the second adult session. Where possible, we may offer treatment to two children in the same session with no extra charge. FAMILY ASSISTANCE: Upon request, children up to age 8 may receive treatment free of charge during the parent’s second session.
The Atlantomed specialist examines the Atlas vertebra during the first session and should it already be aligned you will not be charged for the session. In case strong cervical muscle tension does not enable the specialist to properly determine the alignment of the vertebra, you may opt for a preliminary massage and convert the treatment session into a preparatory session.

The most cost-effective and high-quality Atlas vertebra correction

Duration of the Atlas Realignment Treatment

The Atlas vertebra realignment (or correction) is performed by highly qualified Atlantomed specialists.

Nevertheless, our price is the most competitive in terms of treatment duration.

Cervical manipulations are not to be considered, as they are not at all comparable to our work.

Many use the terms "Atlas Realignment" or "Atlas Correction" to offer treatments or procedures that have nothing to do with our expertise or method neither in terms of execution nor results obtained.

The correction of an adult Atlas vertebra by an Atlantomed specialist takes some 150 minutes, not a short tenth of a second pulse, not 5 minutes, and not even one hour. Quality does pay off!

We regularly receive complaints from dissatisfied Clients treated with other methods. Please address your complaints to them. Not all Atlas vertebra realignment treatments are the same. We can advise you accordingly, but are not responsible for what others may wish to sell off as an Atlas correction.

Reimbursement by Health or Accident Insurance

Health Insurance Documents

The Atlantomed treatment is relatively new in Switzerland. It has yet to be listed among the treatments officially recognized by health insurance companies due to the rather small number of therapists who administer it.

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