Vagus nerve disorders

Clessidra che simboleggia la compressione del nervo vago
The disorders that can arise from compression of the vagus nerve are many and affect the entire organism directly or indirectly.

As explained on the page about the autonomic nervous system, among the various negative effects of misalignment of the Atlas, we also find the throttling of various nerve bundles.

The electrical impulses that run through the nerves are disturbed, weakened or even inhibited, effectively compromising the function they are supposed to fulfil, especially if the compression is significant and persistent.

Imagine what could happen to the various organs that are connected to these nerves, whose function and regulation depend on the signals received! What happens if you cut the antenna cable of your TV? A similar thing happens to the body. Fortunately, the body has advanced survival systems that can mitigate malfunctions, at least to a certain extent, but what happens in the long run if the situation continues?
Suppose you are paralysed and in a wheelchair: would you like to live in a constant state of emergency and pain, just because the carer you depend on is not looking after you? A paralysed person's worst nightmare would be to have a carer like Annie in the film "Misery Must Not Die". This is basically what happens to your body when YOU, as its guardian and designated carer for life, fail to take appropriate and determined care of its needs. What would you think of your carer if she kept giving you sleeping pills to keep you quiet, instead of following up on your complaints and requests for help?

If the sleeping pills kept you in a state of semi-consciousness all the time, you wouldn't notice anything and certainly wouldn't bother, but do you think this is the optimal and acceptable solution? Symptoms are just a wake-up call to let the landlord, that's you, know that something is wrong! And yet, many people fill their unfortunate bodies with tranquillisers, treating them just like the pathetic carer who would just like to silence you. Unfortunately, when you suppress one symptom on one side, another will pop up elsewhere. You usually only realise this when it's too late.

The importance of the vagus nerve

Funzioni del nervo vago
The vagus nerve, the tenth cranial nerve, is part of the autonomic nervous system and is the longest, most important and branched cranial nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system.

The vagus nerve is involved in regulating the functions of almost all internal organs. The vagus nerve innervates the larynx, pharynx, upper part of the oesophagus, part of the external auditory system, heart, lungs, stomach and intestines.

The vagus nerve has a diameter of as much as 2-3 mm at neck level and runs alongside the carotid artery and the internal jugular vein, just in front of the Atlas vertebra.
When the Atlas is misaligned, the vagus nerve is the first to be directly affected, triggering the classic symptoms of vagal compression.

Functions of the vagus nerve

NERVO VAGO (Nervus vagus)

  • regulates appetite
  • regulates sweating
  • participates in mood regulation
  • stimulates the production of gastric acid
  • participates in the regulation of heart rhythm
  • controls intestinal movements in the digestive phase (peristalsis)
Another important function of this nerve is to stimulate the release of Bile from the Gallbladder. Bile cooperates in the digestive processes of fat absorption and enables the elimination of unwanted products such as cholesterol and toxic substances.

The pancreas also suffers from the negative influences of an irritated vagus nerve.

Compression symptoms of the vagus nerve

Depending on the severity and type of displacement of the Atlas from its optimal position, pressure and thus irritation of the vagus nerve and/or other cranial nerves may occur.

When the function of the vagus nerve is compromised (including by cervical osteoarthritis), a whole range of symptoms can occur:

Disturbi del nervo vago



  • thyroid problems
  • headaches - insomnia
  • nausea - stomach acidity
  • dizziness - Ménière's syndrome
  • neck pain - neck stiffness
  • chronic constipation - unexplained diarrhoea
  • predominantly cold hands or feet
  • irregular or rapid heartbeat
  • tachycardia (rapid heartbeat)
  • difficulty swallowing - lump in throat
  • facial flushing - excessive sweating
  • sudden fainting (vasovagal syncope)
  • numbness or tingling of the scalp

Vagus nerve and epileptic seizures

Nervo vago e attacchi epilettici
Among the collateral disorders of the vagus nerve, we can also list epilepsy. Realignment of the Atlas can actually have a positive impact on epilepsy, as demonstrated in several cases treated with Atlantomed.

The conventional medical approach to very serious epileptic seizures is to surgically intervene on the LEFT vagus nerve, either by severing it or by inhibiting its function using electrical impulses generated by a stimulator implanted in the body. From our point of view, barbaric.

The LEFT vagus nerve is statistically the most affected by Atlas misalignment. Is this a coincidence? The problem certainly deserves more attention and further investigation.

Vagus nerve and conventional medicine

Scheletro con nervi
When the vagus nerve is mentioned in medical literature, it is usually done in a summary and, I would add, vague way: "...the vagus nerve passes through here, it is made like this, ...the vagus nerve performs this or that function". The connection between the vagus nerve and the disorders it causes is rarely considered.

In fact, when it comes to disorders that are undoubtedly due to a dysfunction of the vagus nerve, the vagus nerve is invariably never blamed, even though it is clearly the vagus nerve that is responsible! One of many examples: although medical literature considers the vagus nerve to be a possible cause of acidity in the stomach (it is even mentioned in Wikipedia), the doctor always administers drugs that neutralise the acid, without ever investigating the vagus problem.

There are many examples of this. It is well known by now: conventional medicine prefers to focus on the symptom rather than investigating the real cause. Cause and effect are reversed. It is more profitable to treat disorders from a symptomatic point of view instead of looking for a possible correspondence with the vagus nerve.
Have you ever heard of the vagus nerve when you go to the doctor for gastro-intestinal problems?

The reason for this alleged "oversight" lies in the fact that medicine has no pills to prescribe to treat the vagus nerve.

With the Atlantomed method, compression of the vagus nerve can be effectively reduced. People who have undergone the treatment report that they have experienced significant positive effects on vagus complaints. Only when the disorder has been resolved does it become possible to understand the true extent of the problem and the variety of discomforts that vagal compression can cause. We can conclude that vagal repercussions turn out to be much more ramified and profound than previously assumed.

Videointerviste disturbi nervo vago

Puo farti un'idea di quanto affermato, ascoltando le testimonianze delle persone trattate con il metodo Atlantomed, in relazione al nervo vago.

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