Self-regulation and regeneration phase

Thanks to the Atlantomed treatment, the body activates a phase of self-regulation and regeneration. The mechanical cervical correction of the Atlas is only the beginning of a process that will proceed independently and may take months or even years, depending on your condition.

Remember that it has taken years, or even your whole life, to reduce you to the condition you were in before the treatment, and now the cells of your body and organs need time to regenerate. The skeleton and muscular system also have their own recovery and adaptation times, necessary to regain a new balance.

The body regains the potential to function optimally, so that even seemingly unrelated symptoms often disappear spontaneously.
Before you can put things in order, you have to get all the clutter out.
Ripristino dell'equilibrio dopo la correzione dell'AtlanteAn immediate change is more easily noticed, as opposed to slow and gradual changes, which are often not even noticed unless the health status of previous months is analytically brought back to mind. The health status chart, compiled before treatment, is a valuable aid in this regard.

After correction of the Atlas with the Atlantomed method, the organism reacts according to the physical and mental state of each individual person. In some cases the balance is restored quickly, in others, especially in subjects whose organism has been malfunctioning for a long time, more patience is needed. The part of the body most affected will often also be the most painful.

The regeneration phase can be supported and shortened with the help of massage, osteopathy (avoid neck manipulation), Shiatsu or other manual therapies of your choice. Therapies that may not have worked so well in the past can now bring real improvements, as the effects add up. For this reason, collaboration with other professionals is very welcome.

Atlantomed specialists, who are also physiotherapists and osteopaths, in almost all cases carry out Atlas correction as a first step. If circumstances require it, or if it is desired to facilitate the regeneration phase, they are able to apply other usual techniques, which they learned before becoming Atlantomed specialists. Experience shows that if one does not give priority to the correction of the Atlas, but adopts a reverse approach, it may take up to 10 osteopathic or other sessions, with a much greater investment in time and money, just to obtain results that are not comparable and which, moreover, tend to fade with time. The way we proceed not only saves the client money, but also maximises the results, so that other types of treatment can have a greater impact.
The most sensible and intelligent way is: FIRST the Atlas correction and AFTER the other therapies.

We do not treat depressed people willingly, unless the depression is merely the consequence of years of increasing chronic pain that could not be resolved by conventional treatments. People with depression or a precarious emotional state often experience a much longer recovery period, especially when taking psychotropic drugs. Some 'borderline' cases have also been observed in which the body is too sick and no longer has the resources and self-healing capacity to achieve complete recovery.Terapie di supporto dopo la correzione dell'Atlante: massaggi, agopuntura, osteopatia

Spinal cracking during the regeneration phase

During the period of regeneration you may occasionally hear some articular cracking, even quite loud, coming from the spine, of the same kind as during chiropractic manipulation. This phenomenon is completely normal and in no way indicates that the Atlas has become misaligned. On the contrary, it is a manifestation of the loosening of tensions compressing the joints and the progressive adjustment of the underlying vertebrae, which are subordinate to the Atlas.

This cracking is usually accompanied by a feeling of relief and liberation, unless the person is frightened by the unusual phenomenon and anxiety prevails over the pleasant sensation. The cracking, which usually starts 2-3 weeks after treatment, can last for several months. After the settling-in phase, you will often find that the shape of your spine has improved.

How long can the regeneration phase last?

Differenti tempi di reazione dopo il riallineamento dell'Atlante
It is not possible to define the duration of the regeneration process. Therefore, no one can tell you how long this phase will last, nor which of your ailments will disappear, how soon and to what extent. This phase can vary considerably depending on the physical and mental condition and general health of each individual.

There are people who see their complaints disappear in a short space of time, with little or no after-effects. This is especially the case with children, due to their high plastic adaptability and the fact that up to a certain age there is no muscle soreness after prolonged exertion, as is the case with adults.

In most cases, one has to be patient and wait several months for the desired improvements to gradually manifest themselves.

In order to be serious and professional, we believe it is right and necessary to also take note of the painful cases, i.e. those in which the complaints do not subside at all after treatment, due to other factors that are predominant with respect to the Atlas and are capable of impairing the regression of the disorder. The problem with the first vertebra may not even be the decisive factor responsible. Unfortunately it is not possible to know this in advance. For the sake of clarity, we would like to point out that, according to statistics, 25-30% of those treated fall into this category.

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