Treatment course

The Atlantomed treatment consists of 2 sessions of 75 minutes that take place in the manner described below. If necessary, a preparatory session can be booked.

With the Atlantomed technique it is possible to achieve a definitive realignment of the first cervical vertebra and those below, without any collateral risks. The method has nothing in common with cervical manipulations; the dreaded sudden and abrupt movements of the head are NOT carried out.

We do not recommend manipulation of the cervical spine after the Atlantomed correction. This could undo the work done or even worsen the situation.

First session

The first Atlantomed appointment goes like this:

  • Completion of two forms: the first with personal data and the second with a self-assessment of one's state of health, based on a cross-reference table (this is not a medical history).
  • In case you have not watched the three introductory videos: explanation of the course of treatment, repercussions of the misaligned Atlas on the body, visualisation on an anatomical model of the skull.
  • Clarification of any doubts about the treatment and explanation of possible reactions after the treatment.
  • Careful palpatory examination to detect misalignment of the Atlas. If treatment is not necessary, there is no cost.
  • Posture assessment based on photographic analysis performed posteriorly, laterally and frontally using the SpineLine postural analysis system.
  • Deep mechanical massage of the neck and back muscles using two dedicated devices with vibro-resonance.
  • Further verification of the Atlas position, which is more accurate after muscle relaxation.
  • Correction of misalignment of the Atlas using a dedicated device, with intermediate verification until the correct position of the first vertebra is reached.
  • Checking and possible correction of the second cervical vertebra Axis.
  • Repetition of the photographic documentation and comparison of the photos with the previous series, to highlight the postural changes that have taken place.
You start with a general back massage. After a few minutes, which is necessary to familiarise oneself with this special massage method, one relaxes deeply.

This is followed by a cervical massage of the muscles that will later be involved in the Atlas correction. The aim is to effectively decontract the muscles holding the first cervical vertebra, to give greater mobility and at the same time increase the accuracy of the manual examination.

The treatment uses two devices developed by us (AtlantoVib 4), unique in their kind, which use the combined principle of resonance and modulation, a solution that makes them extremely effective.

They pulse and vibrate with a stochastic frequency to which the muscle cannot become accustomed. They are adjusted according to the tone and firmness of the muscles. These devices allow the relaxation of all muscle layers, down to the deepest ones that support the skull and skeleton, a result that cannot be achieved with a traditional massage.

The muscle fibres are forced into continually varying oscillatory movements, so that every type of muscle and tendon structure is reached and stressed, from the most superficial to the deepest, resulting in extreme relaxation and greater mobility of the spine.

Then comes the actual correction, which involves progressive, intermittent pressure applied to precise points on the base of the skull. The aim is to stretch the deep muscles and ligaments that connect the Atlas to the cranial box. After effectively mobilising the vertebra, it is helped to gradually regain its neutral alignment. The procedure is performed while sitting, without turning the head.

Second session

After the 5-8 weeks it takes for the body to 'settle', the treatment is completed with a second session. The second Atlantomed appointment proceeds as follows:

  • Filling in the form again as in the first session.
  • Comparison of the current state of health with the previous one, noting improvements and reactions.
  • Repetition of the photo documentation and comparison with the photos from the first session.
  • Cervical palpatory examination to check the cervical condition and the position of the first two vertebrae.
  • If necessary, improvement of the work done in the first session.
  • General massage to remove residual tension.
In this session the Atlas is examined again and if it is not yet completely aligned, the correction made during the first treatment is perfected. The rest of the muscles are then relaxed, focusing on the remaining problem areas. The settling phase and the consequent postural change may have created new muscular tensions in different areas.

In order to make things easier for families and to help prevent this, at Atlantomed Centres we offer the possibility of correcting a child up to the age of 8 free of charge during the parent's second session.

Preparatory session (as needed)

1 to 2 weeks before the Atlas correction, a preparatory session can be carried out. During this session the Atlas can be checked, a photographic postural analysis can be carried out, and a massage with AtlantoVib can be performed as preparation for the forthcoming correction session.

Reasons to carry out a preparatory session before the Atlas correction:

  • You are not sure whether Atlas correction is the right treatment for you and therefore prefer a less demanding intermediate step.
  • You are particularly apprehensive and prefer to approach the method with caution, without undergoing the actual treatment straight away.
  • You want to explain your particular case in detail and consult the therapist in depth.
  • You would like to check your posture and familiarise yourself with the Atlantovib massage, without having to undergo the corrective treatment directly.
  • Your muscles are particularly tense and you feel that it is not possible to loosen them adequately and sufficiently during a single Atlas correction session.
  • You are a meticulous person and wish to do things carefully, preparing your muscles in the best possible way for the next treatment.
  • You have specific problems that require more attention than a standard treatment.

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