What is Atlantomed?

Atlas realignment Atlantomed method
  • It is an innovative and unique method developed to detect a misalignment of the Atlas (first cervical vertebra) and to restore the correct function of the cervical spine. Experience has shown that a dysfunction of the upper cervical joint interferes with the proper functioning of the body, causing a whole range of disorders.
  • No medical diagnosis is made, nor are only the symptoms treated, as is usual in conventional medicine. The possible disappearance of disorders is due to the body’s capacity for self-regulation, triggered by the vibro-resonance Atlas realignment.
  • Atlantomed cannot be classified as a massage, nor as a cervical manipulation. Any comparison with other established practices is inappropriate.
  • It is a completely new approach and has its own rightful place among the familiar, existing types of treatment.
  • If the required resources for self-healing are lacking, the treatment may not provide the expected benefits.

Who is Atlantomed for?

  • Those who want to act responsibly and are aware of the importance of PREVENTION to preserve a good health condition in the future.
  • Those who have realised that their disorders are not healable with conventional medical and pharmacological procedures aimed at suppressing the symptoms.
  • Those who are looking for the CAUSE of their disorders and above all for a lasting solution.
  • Those who understand that the body is a complex system and that any impairment of one of its focal points may cause a whole range of disorders, even in apparently unrelated parts of the body.
  • Those who have understood that there may be simple solutions for apparently complex dysfunctions, as long as the body is given the chance to regain its balance.
  • Those who do not want to accept the idea of living with their disorders without trying all possible ways.
  • Those who are not willing to accept that their disorders are merely psychosomatic or age-related.

Who Atlantomed is not recommended for?

We would like to offer benefits to everyone requesting our Atlantomed treatment. However, it is not always possible notwithstanding our best intentions. There are some cases we have not been able to achieve significant results in. Treatment with the Atlantomed method is not recommended in the cases listed below.

  • Some people would just like to get a diagnosis, as they are used to from conventional medicine (e.g.: you have arthritis, arthrosis, etc.) and then they would just like to make the pain stop, instead of making an effort to investigate the real cause and solve it. For them the method is not recommended.
  • For people who are too lazy, who are not willing to make the slightest effort to achieve what they want and who would therefore like to find an Atlantomed Centre in their immediate vicinity, despite the fact that this treatment is still not very widespread and only requires 2 sessions. If not making any effort is their main concern, we do not recommend the treatment.
  • Some would like to be "cured", meaning: "I come to you and you cure me no matter how precarious my condition is". It must be understood that such an assumption, or rather claim, is contrary to any kind of cure or treatment.
  • If one expects one's ailments to disappear with immediate effect, even if they have been present for decades and no treatment has ever really worked, one needs to look again at the previous section "For whom is the Atlantomed treatment".
  • Those who insist on being prescribed medication for their chronic ailments and do not realise that this is the best way to get into a vicious circle with no way out, which leads ever lower, should consider that any miracle chemical does not eliminate the cause of the ailment, but only makes the symptom chronic. While a drug may make sense for acute complaints, it does not for recurrent and chronic ones.
  • Atlantomed is not recommended if one believes that the care of one's own health is someone else's responsibility and one hopes to "heal" without making any effort, for example by changing an unhealthy lifestyle, then holding others responsible if one does not heal.
  • The Atlas correction aims to make the body function better and does not claim to cure specific illnesses. It is not possible to request treatment for disease X, Atlantomed remedies the possible dysfunction of the cervical joint and then the body does the rest on its own. The pathology one would like to solve could also have other causes and therefore not be influenced by the treatment. No one can say beforehand.
  • We therefore prefer not to treat those who are convinced that the proposed method is the panacea for all ills. It is necessary to read what we do and what we do NOT do and to understand the merits and limitations of the treatment.
Even though there are now several thousand testimonials in favour of the Atlantomed method, which you can read at the bottom of each page, it is important to understand that if an acquaintance or the testimonial of a video says that they have solved their problems, this does not necessarily mean that the treatment will have the same effect on you. The result depends on many factors beyond our control, such as age and general health.

This is how the Atlas correction does NOT work: "if the treatment worked on him, if I have the same problem, then it will have the same effect on me". Your disturbance, although it may seem similar, may not depend on the Atlas! It is not possible to know in advance if and which complaints will be resolved after treatment.

Misconceptions about treatment that result from not having read and understood this website sufficiently open the door to false expectations and perhaps even disappointment. Disappointing you is the least of our intentions! We put a lot of dedication into what we do, because we know the enormous potential and effectiveness of the method we have developed and we don't want to see you unsatisfied after the treatment. So please take the time to study this website thoroughly. Your health will thank you.

Important premise!

A few clarifications are in order to avoid misunderstandings among our esteemed readers and customers. First of all, it is necessary to clarify the meaning of some words, which, although in common use, their correct meaning is often ignored. By doing so, we avoid falling into error by claiming to have read statements on this site that no one has ever written.

The dictionary gives these definitions:

Examination: a set of observations that the doctor makes on the patient to ascertain his or her state of health.

Patient: a person under the care of a doctor.

Treatment: the work done by a doctor to cure a sick person.

Therapy: method of treating a disease.

Diagnosis: identification of a disease based on symptoms, the patient's history and instrumental and laboratory tests.

Having clarified these key words, let us state the following:

  • The Atlantomed method is not a medical treatment.
  • An Atlantomed specialist does not carry out examinations, make diagnoses or treat specific illnesses.
  • Atlantomed is neither a therapy nor a cure, but a treatment that deals with the position of the cervical vertebrae.
  • An Atlantomed specialist does not make promises of a cure, therefore it is useless to ask if we can treat you for this or that specific disorder.
  • We do not claim to replace your trusted doctor, nor do we presume to be able to cure your illnesses.
  • What we do at Atlantomed is: check the correct positioning of your Atlas and if necessary, make the correction in the best possible way. Nothing more, nothing less!
Now that you have hopefully understood, please avoid asking for appointments for an EXAMINATION and whether we can cure you. ONLY THE DOCTOR does the examinations and does them in order to diagnose a DISEASE. We do not do this!

Clear and straightforward

For many people, the fact that the treatment is completed in only two sessions seems to be an alibi for not taking responsibility for their own health.

What must be absolutely clear

The treatment does not aim to treat specific symptoms as if it were a pain relief tablet that once swallowed provides a few hours of relief before the pain returns.

The working principle of our treatment is completely different from anything you have ever known, and you cannot approach it in the same way. If your condition is particularly problematic, perhaps you have a muscular-skeletal system in a very precarious condition, you have major cranio-mandibular problems due to disastrous situations in the mouth, you have excessively sedentary habits or your psycho-physical condition is nothing short of disastrous with anxiety and panic attacks, you cannot expect to solve everything in one session. Nor can you complain if this does not happen, because what we are offering is an effective treatment, not a miracle cure.

Prevention and responsibility for one's own health

Atlantomed is first and foremost a PREVENTATIVE treatment, which you should undergo before the situation deteriorates. Prevention seems to be a taboo, people stupidly prefer to wait until it is too late before deciding to do anything. This is demonstrated by the insignificant number of children who are taken for treatment, even though the Atlas problem is usually already present in newborns.

If the situation has already seriously deteriorated by the time you come to us, after a life spent mistreating your body with the worst habits, and after years of poisoning it with constant medication in search of relief, then no amount of treatment, whatever it may be, will resolve everything. It becomes necessary to embark on a path in which the Atlas treatment is only the first step. The fact that you have read the testimonies of other people who have been healed after undergoing the two sessions does not necessarily mean that the same thing will happen to you. Each person's starting point is different, as are the results that can be achieved through treatment. It is extremely important that you understand this, so that you do not find yourself angry or disappointed if your journey takes longer than you had hoped. Your therapist will be able to show you the best way forward, if necessary. After the treatment you need PATIENCE! The body has to correct lifelong issues and many people expect everything to be resolved in a few days. We see people complaining that after a week it still hasn't happened what they wanted it to and they ask us how much longer they have to wait. That is why this website is so detailed, just to make it clear. Unfortunately, people don't read or understand, but... they complain.

It is all too common for people to come to us in a truly disastrous condition and feel entitled to take offence and cry foul if they are not cured immediately. This is without even having had the second scheduled session! This attitude stems from the bad habit of delegating one's health to the doctor, without taking the trouble to inform oneself and without assuming a minimum of responsibility for understanding how the human body works. Not to mention those who, after some time, say they are disappointed by the treatment because the beneficial effects lasted "only" 1-2 years, even if until the moment we met they had only tried tablets with an effect for hours, or physiotherapy and osteopathic treatments with an effect for a few days.

Atlantomed can improve your health, depending on your general condition and your body's ability to regenerate itself. Whoever is looking for miracles regardless, is not suitable for us, because we do not intend to disappoint him or become his scapegoat.

The site contains 37 main pages. Make sure you study them carefully before you decide to come to us.

According to our statistics, with the Atlas correction you have more than a 75% chance of improving your condition. This means that there is a 25% "risk" that your problems will not be solved. You should be aware of this before you come to us.

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