First sensations after the treatment

Sensazione di liberazione dopo il riallineamento dell'Atlante
Immediately after the realignment of the Atlas, and also in the following days, people experience various sensations, first and foremost a sense of liberation. Many people feel lighter in the head, are able to turn it at a greater angle in one or both directions, as if it were turning on ball bearings, without experiencing pain or dizziness, if they had previously suffered from it.

Many people immediately notice that they stand up straighter, breathe more deeply, associated with a feeling of inner calm and greater self-confidence, and can tilt their head forwards and backwards more widely. Some people enter the Atlantomed centre with a headache and leave without it, for others their back or shoulder pain disappears.

Reactions after the Atlas correction

Ogni azione produce una reazione: reazioni dopo la correzione dell'Atlante

After Atlantomed treatment, reactions may occur, a sign that self-regulation is in full swing. Not all subjects experience negative reactions after treatment, but it is advisable to be informed of this possibility. These reactions are transient and precede the return to a more correct posture. The painful part of the body is usually where the changes occur.

Reazione discendente della vertebra Atlante fino ai piedi
The postural compensations that the body had put in place to compensate for the misaligned Atlas are now no longer necessary and must be removed again. This process can be felt.

The body needs to regain the correct balance and centre of gravity, muscles that have been in spasm for a long time must be released, while those that were only partially used and could therefore be atrophic must be restored to full function.

In naturopathy this is called a 'healing crisis', a process that indicates the occurrence of a change, without which the pre-existing condition would remain unchanged.

After this phase of restoring postural, musculoskeletal and chemical balance, the increase in available energy can be significant. Reactions can occur immediately after treatment or even weeks or months later. Practice has shown that the longer the body has been ill and suffering in the past, the more consistent and prolonged the reactions can be.

Some of the possible reactions:

A few days of severe fatigue, with an increased need for sleep, muscle soreness or various aches and pains in the neck, back, lumbar area, knee or hip joints, due to the change in load resulting from the levelling of the pelvic tilt.

The regeneration phase can be supported and shortened with the help of regular neck and back massages (avoid neck manipulations). Other therapies can achieve better results after the application of the Atlantomed method, as the results are combined.

Increased angle of rotation of the head after treatment

In these photos you can appreciate the increased angle of rotation of the head after the Atlantomed treatment.

Rotazione a destra del capo prima del riallineamento dell'Atlante
Rotazione a destra del capo dopo il riallineamento dell'Atlante
Rotazione a sinistra del capo prima del riallineamento dell'Atlante
Rotazione a sinistra del capo dopo il riallineamento dell'Atlante



Increased stature and improved posture

Thanks to the improved posture, a real increase in height can be measured after the application of the Atlantomed method. In some cases, the increase was as much as several centimetres, which shows how far the spine had moved from its ideal shape.

Scoliosi prima e dopo
Bacino inclinato prima e dopo



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