Increasing the performance of professional and amateur sportsmen and women

Migliorare prestazioni di un ciclista professionista
When every second and every centimetre counts, then the Atlantomed Atlas correction is indispensable!
As you can easily guess, a body with correct posture functions better than a body with postural deficits. Only a correctly aligned Atlas vertebra allows for ideal posture, and only ideal posture allows the body to express its full potential.

High-level athletes, as well as amateurs, can benefit greatly from the Atlantomed treatment.

Professional athletes usually know and listen to their bodies in a much more attentive and conscious way, recognising even the smallest of improvements.

It is very satisfying to treat top-level athletes. Changes that may seem obvious to others are incredible to them! Goals that they previously struggled to achieve, despite hard training, are now easily surpassed in amazement.

We have treated sports professionals at every level, including world champions in various disciplines, such as footballers and boxers who trust in our discretion. At these levels, treatment is often carried out without the knowledge of the coaches, medical team, physiotherapists and managers.

Nobody needs to know where that extra performance comes from. Apart from the fact that the medical team would almost certainly not approve, and the manager might think he has an athlete who is not as fit as he thought he was. Even if they remain hidden in the shadows, there is still great satisfaction in seeing them win knowing that they have contributed.

For professional athletes, it is essential to plan the treatment well. After realignment, the body needs a period of recovery to eliminate the compensations it had put in place in response to the misalignment. The best time for treatment is therefore outside the sporting season or during a well-earned holiday.

For the athlete's body, the treatment represents a major change and must first be metabolised. Sports practices that require precision in execution are particularly delicate. Immediately after the treatment, the athlete's coordination and precision can be significantly affected.

Major postural changes are initially perceived as 'I feel crooked and uncoordinated'. Absurdly, the athlete is aware that he or she is straighter because he or she could see it in the postural photos, but despite this, he or she initially has the feeling of being crooked.

It takes a few weeks for the body to make the necessary adjustments. During this phase there may be transient soreness and discomfort, with settling reactions that may appear strange. In the first week tiredness and the need to sleep generally increase. After this phase, the progressive increase in performance can be considerable.

Contrary to what one might think, the cervical muscles of sportsmen and women, although more developed than normal, are often less tense and easier to treat than those that are flaccid and covered in fat.



In Zurich, we subjected a professional cyclist to a test on a 4D Prophysics test bench, which allows the dynamic movements of the athlete's skeleton to be precisely measured and analysed in relation to vital parameters and the power generated.

The test was carried out before the treatment and then 3 weeks after the Atlas correction. The results were surprising:
with the same power generated, the heart beat 10 beats per minute less!

The postural photos and dynamic 4D images showed that the asymmetry of the pelvis had been corrected after the treatment, with the consequence of generating a much smoother and more efficient ride. I think it goes without saying what a range of benefits such a result can bring to a professional cyclist during a race.
 If you want to be a winning sportsman then you should seriously consider the Atlas correction. Your body demands Atlantomed!

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