Back pain

Uomo con mal di schiena e contratture muscolari
Muscle tension, which then leads to back pain, can have various causes: poor posture, lack of exercise, stress, negative emotional states.

There are various actions that can be taken: from sporting activity that helps to strengthen the muscles, to massages of various types, to muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs. The latter cannot become a permanent solution, as prolonged use of them produces significant side effects.
As long as the skeletal structure does not reflect an ideal posture, back pain due to muscular tension will always return sooner or later.

If stress is added to poor posture, the negative effect is multiplied, the pain threshold is quickly reached and a self-reinforcing vicious circle is triggered.

The Atlas correction is certainly not the solution to everyday stress problems, but it can visibly improve posture and thus promote general muscle relaxation, reducing chronic muscle contractures. In this way back pain can be alleviated or disappear.

Back pain and poor posture

Monete disallineate che rappresentano una postura scorretta e il mal di schiena
The dynamics of incorrect posture can be examined in more detail on the page on the impact of Atlas correction on posture and can be summarised as follows: the neck and shoulder muscles have the arduous task of constantly balancing the head, with the least possible expenditure of energy; if the head is permanently misaligned in relation to the vertical axis of the body, because it rests on a badly positioned Atlas supporting it, the neck muscles must continually compensate and are easily overloaded.

This continuous imbalance leads to neck pain, shoulder pain and back pain, especially if the muscles are poorly trained. Generally, muscle contractures and pain only occur on one side of the body, although in extreme cases it can extend to both sides.

With regular massages, muscle pain and backache can be temporarily kept at bay, but the cause of the imbalance remains and after a short time the pain inevitably returns.

The Atlantomed treatment combines 2 advantages

Curare il mal di schiena



  • Immediately relieve muscle tension with the simultaneous use of two specially designed vibro-resonance massage devices. Your back and neck muscles relax like you have rarely experienced.
  • Realignment of the Atlas can significantly improve posture and thus prevent future muscle tension, which then leads to neck pain and back pain.

CONCLUSION: While the AtlantoVib massage relieves muscle tension in the present, the realignment of the Atlas unfolds its effect over the long term.

Mano che indica i 2 vantaggi della correzione dell'Atlante

Videointervista mal di schiena

racconti dopo il riallineamento dell'Atlante

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