Atlas correction:
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Atlas correction is a method of realigning the first cervical vertebra, which is dysfunctional in many people for a variety of reasons. Watch this introductory video to get a clear understanding of the subject:
Correzione dell'Atlante presentazione
This technique uses specific devices that generate mechanical vibrations, which induce resonance in the muscle tissue. The aim is to deeply relax muscle hardening, thus facilitating the repositioning of the misaligned Atlas in an effective and precise manner. It is important to emphasise that without the appropriate use of such devices, effective correction of the Atlas is impracticable.

You have probably found us after a painful journey, marked by the failures and disappointments of previous treatments, having seen for yourself how these were unable to produce lasting results.

Atlas Vertebra:

the hidden cause of many disorders

  • Have you already tried many therapies but your troubles persist?
  • Would you like to free yourself from medicine dependency?
If you are afflicted by recurring or chronic ailments and the prospect of a cure seems elusive, we invite you to explore this site carefully, as it has been created specifically to answer your questions.

Find out how JUST 2 SESSIONS of Atlas realignment with vibro-resonance can alleviate or resolve headaches, migraines, dizziness, neck pain, back pain and many other ailments.
correzione dell'Atlante Atlantomed
Correzione dell'Atlante
The first cervical vertebra, known as the Atlas or C1, plays a fundamental role in supporting the skull and contributes significantly to the balance of the entire skeleton.

A localised malfunction in this area can trigger a chain reaction with repercussions on the entire musculoskeletal system, the circulatory system and the nervous system, as well as creating malfunctions throughout the body.

If this misalignment is not corrected as soon as possible, serious health problems can develop over time. Quality of life can be severely compromised.

If you continue reading this site you will understand why the first cervical vertebra may be responsible for a long list of apparently unrelated symptoms, for which the usual practice is to limit oneself to fighting only the pain, without ever managing to eliminate the real cause.
If you also believe that "they are doctors and should know better" ask yourself why most people live with their ailments on a daily basis.

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