Atlas correction

Atlas correction consists of correctly realigning the first cervical vertebra when it is in dysfunction, for a number of reasons that we explain in detail.

Our devices emit mechanical vibrations capable of resonating the muscle tissue, to loosen any hardening and thus easily and precisely reposition a misaligned Atlas.

You have probably come to us after an often painful search and after being disappointed by previous treatments, because they did not provide answers and results.
  • You have already tried many therapies but your problems have remained.
  • You would like to do without continuous medication.
correzione dell'Atlante Atlantomed
So if you are suffering from recurring or chronic problems and the idea of not being able to heal is scratching your head, the best thing to do is to read this site in its entirety and very carefully, as it was written precisely to answer your questions.

Discover how just 2 SESSIONS of Atlas realignment with vibro-resonance can relieve headaches, migraines, dizziness, neck pain, back pain and many other ailments.
Your enemy is not the pain but the cause that generates it.
Correzione dell'Atlante
The first cervical vertebra, called the Atlas or C1, supports the skull and plays a decisive role in balancing the entire skeleton.

A localised malfunction in this area can trigger a chain reaction with repercussions on the entire musculoskeletal system, the circulatory system and the nervous system, as well as creating malfunctions throughout the body.

If this misalignment is not corrected as soon as possible, serious health problems can develop over time. Quality of life can be severely compromised.

If you continue reading this site you will understand why the first cervical vertebra may be responsible for a long list of apparently unrelated symptoms, for which the usual practice is to limit oneself to fighting only the pain, without ever managing to eliminate the real cause.

Atlas Vertebra: the hidden cause of many disorders

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AtlantoVib apparecchio per correzione dell'Atlante e massaggi
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7 facts to know about Atlas misalignment

Trauma del parto e disallineamento dell'Atlante
1 Birth trauma causes many newborns to permanently misalign the Atlas vertebra (first cervical vertebra) and sometimes also the Axis (second cervical vertebra).
2 Successive traumas, such as whiplash or accidental falls, intubation during surgery with general anaesthesia, can cause or aggravate misalignment of the Atlas or other underlying cervical vertebrae.
Colpo di frusta da incidente in automobile e Atlante disallineato
Molti disturbi sono causati dall'Atlante malposizionato
3 It has been found that misalignment of the Atlas vertebra can be responsible for a wide variety of physical symptoms and disorders, with negative repercussions on the mental state.
4 Malpositioning of the Atlas is not considered by conventional medicine as a possible cause of disorders, this dysfunction is generally not diagnosed.
Dottore guarda radiografie dell'Atlante disallineato
Dottore guarda Risonanza magnetica dell'Atlante disallineato
5 The lack of diagnosis is due to the fact that neither normal X-rays nor magnetic resonance imaging can adequately reveal the misalignment of the Atlas.
6 A computed tomography scan, on the other hand, allows the position of the Atlas to be seen and measured accurately, but only if the radiologist sets up the scanner in a specific way, knowing what he or she is looking for specifically.
Tomografia Computerizzata della vertebra Atlante
Il dottore prescrive farmaci
7 Apart from extremely serious vertebral dislocations that require surgery, conventional medicine does not provide any treatment solution that can correct misalignment of the first cervical vertebra.

What symptoms cause misalignment of the Atlas?

The results on people treated with the Atlantomed method, both in the short and long term, include the resolution or alleviation of a whole range of disorders. The list has been progressively updated, thanks to their contribution. Symptoms with a success rate of less than 50% have not been included in the list.

Many people who come to us in the hope that one of their complaints will disappear, are then surprised to discover that other symptoms, which they never imagined could be linked to the Atlas, also disappear spontaneously. We have deliberately left out disorders of the psychic sphere, although the effect of the treatment extends to this area.

It is important to realise that the disorders listed may also have causes other than the blockage of the Atlas.
Correzione dell'Atlante
An Atlantomed therapist does not make medical diagnoses or promises of a cure. He carefully assesses whether or not it is necessary to align the cervical vertebrae. When the Atlas is realigned, in many cases the body can regain its optimal health.

Some of the disorders related to Atlas misalignment:

Disturbi causati dal disallineamento dell'Atlante: mal di testa, cervicale
Disturbi causati dal disallineamento dell'Atlante: emicrania, mal di schiena
  • headaches - tension headache - migraine - visual disturbances
  • dizziness - light-headedness - dizziness
  • sudden fainting - vasovagal syncope - vagal disturbances
  • ringing or buzzing in the ears - tinnitus / tinnitus
  • trigeminal neuralgia - Ménière's syndrome
  • cranio-mandibular dysfunction - malocclusion
  • jaw pain - jaw cracking
  • chronic sinusitis - allergic rhinitis - asthma (several possible causes)
  • limited or painful rotation or flexion of the head
  • neck pain - cervicalgia - torticollis
  • chronic pain after a cervical whiplash injury
  • shoulder pain - one shoulder higher than the other
  • tingling in the limbs - paraesthesia - chronic tendonitis
  • tennis elbow - carpal tunnel syndrome
  • muscle tension - chronic muscle pain
  • back pain - back pain - functional scoliosis
  • lower back pain - lumbago - witch's blow
  • herniated disc - discopathy - disc protrusion
  • crooked pelvis - asymmetry of the pelvis - different leg lengths
  • sciatica - sciatica - lumbosciatica
  • hip or knee pain - hallux valgus
  • chronically cold hands and feet
  • tachycardia - hypertension - low blood pressure
  • gastrointestinal complaints - acidity of the stomach
  • gastroesophageal reflux - stomach ulcer
  • chronic diarrhoea - constipation - irritable bowel syndrome
  • depression (if resulting from chronic pain)
  • insomnia - difficulty falling asleep
  • lack of or difficulty in concentrating
  • chronic fatigue (see metabolic acidosis and mercury)
  • learning difficulties - dyslexia - epilepsy

Frequently asked questions FAQs

Che cosa è il disallineamento dell'Atlante?

Con il termine "disallineamento dell'Atlante" s'intende che la prima delle sette vertebre che costituiscono il rachide cervicale, chiamata Atlante o C1, si trova spostata rispetto alla sua posizione fisiologica in relazione al cranio.

La vertebra Atlante può disallinearsi ruotando, spostandosi lateralmente o bloccandosi in una posizione troppo avanti o troppo indietro. Questo disallineamento si può ripercuotere sulla seconda vertebra cervicale chiamata Epistrofeo e innescare una reazione a catena che impatta negativamente sull'intero apparato muscolo-scheletrico. La rotazione massima della prima vertebra, misurata radiologicamente, corrisponde a 8 gradi.

Il disallineamento dell'Atlante non è una semplice contrattura muscolare cervicale o un blocco articolare così come viene inteso in osteopatia e non si lascia correggere mediante una banale manipolazione o un semplice massaggio.

Prevention is the best cure

It makes sense to have the position of the Atlas checked and corrected, irrespective of whether or not current complaints are present.
Realignment is recommended from an early age and allows the body to reach its full potential, preventing the onset of pain.

In order to make things easier for families and to prevent pain, during the second parent session, in the Atlantomed Centres we offer the possibility of correcting a child up to the age of 8 free of charge.
Correzione dell'Atlante come prevenzione e profilassi
The Atlas neglected today becomes a much more expensive problem tomorrow!

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