Why tension headache?

Tension-type headache is the most common form of headache. Patients with tension headache report a stiffening, often extreme, of the neck and shoulder muscles, resulting in pain that travels up the neck and into the temples. Sufferers describe different variations in the spread of the pain.

There is a wealth of literature on tension-type headache, but a definitive solution is difficult to find.

In order to get to the root of the problem, one must first ask the right question: what is the cause of this recurring and difficult-to-resolve neck stiffness that results in tension headache?

How does tension headache develop?

Tensione muscolare cervicale e cefalea muscolo-tensiva
Several muscle groups are involved in the static alignment of the head. A misalignment of the first cervical vertebra leads to an incorrect position of the head on the spine.

To counteract the misalignment of the Atlas, various muscle groups in the shoulders and neck work together in a compensatory manner, in order to keep the head as perpendicular as possible above the spine.

The axis of the eyes and the organ of balance are strongly involved in this adjustment, with their constant effort to keep level on the horizontal plane.

The constant effort to compensate can stiffen the affected neck muscles to such an extent that a vicious circle is triggered: the over-stressed muscles become increasingly hard and begin to ache. The overstressed muscles become increasingly hard and begin to ache. At this point, the neck muscles become even stiffer, leading to chronic muscle contracture. The pain then becomes continuous and radiates to the skull.
In particular, the sternocleidomastoid muscle, a head rotator present on both sides of the neck, will be contracted asymmetrically. This leads not only to an alteration of the biomechanics of the neck and a non-symmetrical rotation of the head, but also causes unilateral neck pain.

The trapezius is a large quadrangular muscle that extends from the superior nuchal line, through the medial margin of the scapula, to the lower part of the dorsal column. An uneven distribution of the weight of the head generates tension on the trapezius muscle chain, resulting in pain that descends into the scapular area.
The consequence of hardening of the cervical muscles is compression, with subsequent irritation, of the numerous nerve endings that exit the spinal column. The result is often a tension headache.

One of the most severely affected nerves is the occipital major nerve, which innervates the back of the head. This nerve branches off the spinal cord between the Atlas and Epistropheus and continues its course through several superficial layers of occipital muscles.

The irritated nerve sends pain signals to the brain, which radiate from the neck to the back of the head and are then perceived in the form of a tension headache.

Resting alleviates the symptoms slightly, but as soon as the neck is strained a little, the pain returns. This is called chronic tension-type headache.

The medical solution to tension headache

Iniezioni di Botox contro la cefalea muscolo-tensiva
Although conventional medicine recognises the problem of muscular tension as the cause of tension-type headaches, it does not offer any solution beyond muscle relaxants, analgesics or injections, all of which are only temporary palliatives and therefore do not resolve the problem.

Lately, medicine is even trying to accept as normal and acceptable the practice of injecting substances such as botulinum to relieve headaches. Botulinum is one of the most powerful natural poisons in the world, so it is easy to imagine how harmful the long-term effects of botulinum can be in the body.
Just look at the faces of actors who use it for cosmetic purposes, they look like zoomies!

The problem cannot be solved even by physiotherapists and manual therapists, since these professionals are able to identify the muscular tensions responsible for tension headaches, but do not have the necessary means to deal effectively with the main cause, the misalignment of the Atlas.

A manual massage, however hard the practitioner may try, cannot impart sufficient energy to reach and release the deeper structures adequately in order to proceed with the alignment of the vertebra.

The harsh reality is that millions of patients are shuttling back and forth between doctors, specialists and therapists of all kinds, without finding a real solution to their problem: muscle tension headaches and migraines come back again and again. You probably know of such cases or have even experienced them yourself.
If conventional medicine had an effective solution that really cured headaches, there would certainly not be millions of chronic tension and migraine sufferers.

Atlantomed's solution to tension-type headaches

Instead of relaxing the muscles with chemical preparations, Atlantomed uses AtlantoVib 4 to "shake" the cervical muscle bundles in such a powerful, deep and effective way that in the end the muscles that are holding onto the nerves, irritating them and causing neuralgia, can do nothing but relax.

But Atlantomed does much more. In addition to relaxing the deep cervical muscles that caused the tension headache, it eliminates the main cause of the imbalance in the cervical structure, which is responsible for the recurrent hardening of the cervical muscles.

If it is now possible to solve the problem in a much more elegant and body-friendly way, why bother poisoning the body with chemicals in an attempt to cure tension headaches?

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