Vertigo - dizziness - light-headedness

Vertigini, giramenti di testa e capogiri
It is estimated that 6 million people in Italy suffer from balance disorders such as vertigo. So if you are one of them, you are in good company.

According to the principle that science is about observation and deduction, if every time you touch the neck of a person suffering from vertigo, you find extreme muscle contractions in the same muscle groups, are you mistaken in deducing that vertigo must have something to do with muscle tension? If vertigo disappears in 80% of cases as soon as these muscle contractures are released and the first cervical vertebrae are corrected, is it wrong to say that 80% of vertigo cases have a purely mechanical origin?
Let me ask you this question: if the cause of a problem has an 80% chance of being A and only a 20% chance of being B, would you logically check A or B first?

What if I told you that the medical practice is to start with B, with expensive and sometimes invasive examinations, completely omitting to investigate A, only to claim at the end of their investigations that they found nothing unusual and that the cause of the disorder is unknown or psychosomatic? After incurring huge costs and wasting a lot of time on practically useless examinations, you are always left with the same box of pills, to be taken before or after meals, in an attempt to alleviate the symptoms of an undiscovered cause. Have you experienced this yourself?

Let's take an example: You notice that your car reacts badly and tends to skid, especially when cornering. You take it to the garage because you have realised that you have a flat tyre. Even though the tyre problem is more than obvious, the mechanic starts measuring the engine parameters and then begins to take it apart. Wouldn't you think he might be crazy or at least incompetent? After weeks of testing the engine, the mechanic FINALLY realises that the problem could be the tyre, but he doesn't have the means to repair it so he returns the car to you, along with an outrageous bill. What would you think? Yet this is medical practice, which is also applied to many other symptoms besides dizziness.

Eighty per cent of all cases of vertigo and balance disorders are directly or indirectly MECHANICAL in origin, but the doctor tries to solve them with CHEMICALS. How does the saying go? "If the only tool you have is a hammer, you start treating everything like a nail".

Since the doctor is not a mechanic, he is taught that he must always try to solve all the ailments he finds in patients with chemistry in order to become a good drug salesman appreciated by pharmaceutical companies. If the chemical approach in tablets does not work, which is the case in most cases, then the doctor suggests to proceed 'mechanically', but he intends to do it in a surgical procedure, where some parts are cut off and removed. Does this approach work? Obviously not, otherwise we would not have three quarters of the population struggling with more or less chronic diseases without being able to get rid of them, no matter how much chemistry they ingest.

Although this approach is very profitable for the whole medical clique, it is certainly not satisfactory for YOU as a suffering patient. And yet, this is established medical practice!

Don't you think it would make much more sense to treat cause A first, with an 80% chance of success, and only move on to B if A doesn't work?

Why dizziness and vertigo?

Vertigini, giramenti di testa e visione disturbata dell'ambiente
The high cervical spine houses most of the proprioceptors. These are nerve endings that perceive the orientation of the body in relation to the surrounding space. In synergy with the balance organ and vision, the proprioceptors enable the head and body to orientate themselves safely and stably in the surrounding space. If the proprioceptors send out false and contradictory signals, the result is an incorrect perception of the movement of our surroundings. As a result, things around you seem to be spinning, a feeling well known to those who suffer from vertigo, dizziness and light-headedness.

The mechanism responsible for balance is very dynamic. Multiple stimuli and information are acquired and processed simultaneously in order to correctly control the corresponding muscle chains, so that the body remains in balance in relation to the surrounding space and the earth's gravity.
In addition to the automatic static regulation of balance, there is the coordinated regulation of voluntary dynamic movements.

Stability and the associated feeling of balance are the result of a sophisticated balancing of forces. If these forces are not activated in a synchronised and coordinated manner, imbalances arise that lead to a feeling of instability, dizziness, vertigo and in extreme cases to complete disorientation in space, which corresponds to sudden fainting. How does this happen?
Sistema di navigazione GPS
The balance regulation system, which is not yet fully understood, depends on many inputs. If, for one reason or another, these inputs do not reach their destination to be processed, the system is unable to provide the correct neurological response to keep the entire musculoskeletal system in balance.

If we want to give an easily understandable example, we can compare the balance of the human body to the functioning of a GPS navigator, which everyone is surely familiar with: the location of your GPS satellite navigator on the globe is determined by calculating the relative distance of at least 3 satellites.

If the satellite receiver is able to receive the GPS signal from several satellites, then the position is calculated accurately; if, however, for some reason the signal from most of the satellites is lost, then navigation becomes progressively more uncertain. If the signal from the last three satellites is also lost, the GPS navigator will no longer be able to find its way! Compared to the human body, this condition is equivalent to fainting.

Medical examinations for dizziness, light-headedness, vertigo and balance disorders

Accertamenti medici per vertigini, giramenti di testa e capogiri
If a patient complains of dizziness, lightheadedness, lightheadedness or loss of balance, there are several medical tests that can be performed. First, the blood pressure is measured and if it is OK, the patient is referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist, known as an ENT specialist, who looks for possible throat or ear infections, as the balance organ is connected to the inner ear and inflammation in this area can adversely affect balance.

In addition, examinations are performed to distinguish between vertigo of central or peripheral origin, e.g. rotatory vertigo, oscillatory vertigo or vertebrogenic vertigo (originating from the spinal column).
Balance disturbance can sometimes be caused by a displacement of so-called otoliths/statoliths. These are small "pebbles" in the auditory system, which can be repositioned with appropriate manoeuvres.

If the examination does not lead to a conclusive diagnosis, the patient is referred to an ophthalmologist (eye specialist) for further clarification, as vision plays a very important role in balance. If this examination also proves negative, an MRI scan is usually performed to examine the brain for possible tumours or changes. If this examination is unsuccessful, the patient is declared to be medically healthy.

After this long and costly process, which in most cases is unsuccessful, some form of medication is administered, which sometimes produces some initial relief. However, medicine rarely manages to identify a real cause for the patient's dizziness. After generously feeding the system, the merry-go-round usually ends with the phrase: "he must learn to live with his dizziness and balance disorders", unless the dizziness has in the meantime resolved spontaneously, as is sometimes the case.

There are cases in which the disorder becomes so severe that, in addition to dizziness, light-headedness and a feeling of insecurity in movement, the patient begins to become emotionally insecure. This leads the person to withdraw from social life and often even to give up work, especially if it is a profession where balance is important.

Why do you suffer from recurrent vertigo, even though the doctor can find no organic cause for it?

All too often, the psyche is unfairly blamed for vertigo, even though it has nothing to do with it, except as a side effect! So what is the cause of the dizziness, the dizziness and the feeling of insecurity or muffled movements that affect so many people?

Dizziness and vertigo: change your point of view!

As already explained, the function of balance is very dynamic and complex, a lot of information has to be processed simultaneously. If the impulses and data collected, which are essential for regulating balance, arrive late, arrive incorrectly or not at all, the brain, like a pocket calculator, will perform operations based on incorrect or missing values and the result will inevitably be wrong.

Please note: the calculator is not defective, but simply incorrect values are entered into the calculation!

The Atlas is anatomically positioned in the immediate vicinity of the vessels that supply the organ of balance, and the same applies to the mandibular condyles. If one, or worse still, both of these bones are permanently displaced from their ideal position, they encroach on the space reserved for other surrounding anatomical structures, such as blood vessels, nerves and lymphatic pathways that supply the vestibular organ.
The results obtained with the Atlas correction show that the cervical vertebrae and jaw can play a decisive role in the development of non-pathogenic vertigo.
In people who suffer from vertigo or feelings of lurching, there is invariably an extreme hardening of the neck muscles, which often extends to the shoulders, where 80% of the balance proprioceptors are located.

What do you think happens to impulses and information, which must of necessity pass through nerve bundles that pass through extremely tense muscles? Could they be altered?

To expect the balance system to function properly under the conditions described, where bottlenecks are present everywhere, would be like expecting your television to allow you to watch the game without interference, even if you crush or cut the antenna cable with pliers.
In the absence of other organic causes, Atlas realignment can be an extremely valuable treatment to permanently resolve complaints of dizziness, light-headedness, dizziness, loss of balance, unsteady gait, feeling of muffling and other balance disorders.

Sometimes the dizziness and vertigo disappear immediately after the correction of the first vertebra, partly due to the very meticulous massage of the surrounding muscles carried out during the Atlantomed session. In other cases, dizziness or vertigo disappear or subside with time, once the regeneration process has been completed, during which the body makes the necessary adjustments.

A study shows that Atlantomed produces a positive result in 82% of vertigo cases, of which 29% see complete remission of the disorder while in the remaining 53% the vertigo attacks decrease in frequency and/or intensity.

Ménière's syndrome

Ménière's syndrome is simply a sum of symptoms to which Ménière wanted to give its name.

Patients who had been diagnosed with Ménière's syndrome realised after treatment with Atlantomed that their complaints were not due to a "strange syndrome", but to an imbalance caused by a misaligned Atlas and excessively hardened muscles, which prevented fluids from circulating freely. This imbalance is easily resolved by correcting the cervical vertebrae and can result in the disappearance of the dreaded syndrome!

Sudden fainting - vaso-vagal syncope

Experience shows that many people who experienced sudden fainting and blackouts for no apparent reason, especially when bending their necks backwards, no longer had such experiences after the Atlantomed treatment.

This result is attributable to the release of the vertebral artery from the abnormal compression to which it was subjected by the Atlas during the backward movement of the neck and the cessation of abnormal stimulation of the vagus nerve, as shown on the page: Consequences for the nervous system.

And to conclude...

On first approach, many people are incredulous when they read this website, especially when they watch the interviews where people tell their story. After years of suffering and medical indoctrination, what they read here seems like science fiction. Yet it is all true and 9000 testimonies confirm it.

Some people wonder why, if the method is so good, don't doctors use it? There are two reasons for this. The first is that we refuse to put our method into the hands of a system that is rotten to the core and where profit comes first, to the detriment of people's health. The second is that conventional medicine is not interested in this kind of solution; the patient must continue to be a patient. Perhaps they have called him "patient" precisely because patience is the attitude that the subject must have when he turns to medicine, since he is unlikely to see his ailments resolved.

Perhaps you also wonder why there are no Atlantomed Centres in Italy: they are not there for your protection!

We were disgusted, after having met more than 50 Italian "professionals" who had applied for one of our courses (without even reading our website carefully) and who, after having learned that the treatment was in most cases "definitive", pointed out to us, horrified, that it was not good practice to "heal the patient definitively". This is because by healing, he would stop being a patient and stop generating profit on a regular basis.

They also advised us to reduce the duration of the sessions to 30 minutes instead of 2 x 75 minutes, so we could make much more money. This reduction in duration was recommended even before we knew the results produced by the method and before they knew what was actually being done during the two 75-minute sessions.

From our point of view, statements of this kind, made by someone in charge of other people's health, are extremely serious. Unfortunately, we have had to observe that this attitude is the norm in Italian healthcare and indicates the failure of society as such and the loss of that humanity which should differentiate us from animals.

Would you hand over your method, which you have developed with such dedication, to people with no ethics of the kind? What do you think our method would be transformed into, once in their hands, if not into something that achieves as little as the practices and manipulations they are currently using? Perhaps now you will also understand why there has been so much gratuitous and unfounded criticism of us by some self-styled 'experts' in the field.

Videointerviste VERTIGINI

If you watch some video interviews or read the testimonials of people who have been treated with Atlantomed, you will realise two things:

  • You are not alone with your vertigo, but in good company with many other people who had the same problem and who, like you, were running left and right without being able to solve it, before meeting us.

  • The stories of the people who have come to us are very similar: many visits, a lot of money spent, many years of suffering and no solution to the problem despite all the examinations done and fees paid.

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