Contraindications to Atlas correction

Simbolo di stop che rappresenta le controindicazioni per una correzione dell'Atlante

Absolute contraindications

  • Severe degenerative changes in the cervical spine (uncovertebral arthrosis, osteophytosis or welding between adjacent vertebral bodies).
  • Epicondylar exostosis or bony deformation of the occipital condyles.
  • Arnold Chiari malformation/syndrome with engagement of the cerebellar tonsils from the foramen magnum into the spinal canal.
  • Hydrocephalus treated with CSF shunt (the shunt runs under the skin of the neck).
  • Stroke/apoplectic attack more recent than 9 months.
  • Severe acute or chronic inflammatory diseases, especially those of autoimmune origin, severe infectious diseases.
  • Diseases causing emaciation, cachexia (tuberculosis and similar), cancer, especially if with osteolytic or osteoblastic metastases.
  • Retinal detachment, recent cataract surgery.
  • Severe arteriosclerosis
  • Cerebral aneurysm

Relative contraindications

  • Instability of the cervical ligaments, especially if, after an accident or trauma, there has been an injury to the joint capsule, the ligaments of the Atlas or the Epistropheus (atlanto-occipital and atlanto-axial instability). Ligament laxity is a relative contraindication, because in this case the Atlas correction can be carried out, but may not be permanent.
  • Severe malformations of the Atlas in the posterior arch or in the incomplete or missing transverse processes, or malformations of the occipito-cervical hinge.
  • Subcutaneous implants: ear implants and prostheses, pacemaker implants, vagal stimulator implants (VNS).
  • Whiplash injury more recent than 2 months.
  • Very poor general health: lack of resources for the regeneration phase.
  • Taking oral anticoagulant or dicumarol drugs such as Coumadin and Sintrom (excluding aspirin): these are the drugs used for long-term prevention of embolism in cases of cardiac arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation, valvulopathy, implantation of mechanical valve prostheses, dilated heart disease, previous deep vein thrombosis.
  • In the case of pregnancy, correction of the Atlas should only be carried out if the mother suffers from considerable complaints due to misalignment of the Atlas, which would otherwise force her to take regular medication.

For related contraindications, do not hesitate to contact an Atlantomed specialist in order to assess a possible individual solution.

Particular cases

There are some cases in which realigning the Atlas is a particularly difficult operation and it is necessary to vary the normal course of treatment, for example:

Extreme cervical tension

Armatura medioevale che rappresenta la muscolatura cervicale estremamente contratta
  • If the muscles of the nape of the neck are excessively tense, before proceeding with the actual treatment, it is necessary to carry out one or two sessions of intensive massage (preparatory session) using the dedicated AtlantoVib device, which induces very deep muscle relaxation, capable of bringing considerable benefits. When the neck muscles are sufficiently relaxed, it is possible to proceed with the correction of the Atlas misalignment.

Excessive adipose tissue

Collo taurino
  • In the case of an overabundance of fatty tissue or highly developed neck muscles with extreme sporting activities, the treatment will be particularly problematic, especially because of the difficulty in determining the precise position of the Atlas.

Severe depression

Donna con depressione
  • The treatment is not recommended in the case of severe depression, associated with long-term use of psychotropic drugs, or in the presence of very negative moods. After the treatment the body needs resources to regenerate itself and to eliminate the posture compensations it had put in place in order to counterbalance the misalignment of the Atlas.

Depressed people, who often lack sufficient resources, may experience negative reactions after treatment for a much longer period of time than normal before any improvement is perceived. If the depression is only the result of constant pain due to the after-effects of whiplash, or very frequent migraine attacks, then the Atlantomed treatment can bring great benefits.

Surgical cases and fractures

Intervertebral disc replacement surgery, discectomy, arthrodesis or laminectomy is not a contraindication to treatment. The operation must of course have already healed completely.

Blocking the vertebrae with plates or bars does however allow the Atlas correction to be carried out. X-rays are necessary to check the exact position of the plates and screws, so as to cautiously avoid pressing exactly on them during the massage.

Apart from the correction of the first vertebra, we have found that treating the operated area with the AtlantoVib device can bring great benefits. Vibroresonance deeply dissolves the hardening that inevitably occurs, makes the scars softer, increases vascularisation and increases the mobility of the remaining segments of the spine.

It is recommended that the Atlas correction session be preceded by a preparatory session.

People who have undergone such surgery are often refused manual treatments, the therapist having an unfounded fear of doing damage.

Cases of vertebral fracture, including Atlas fracture, if perfectly healed, can be successfully treated with Atlantomed, after the necessary investigations and with the necessary precautions. After a fracture of the Atlas or epistropheus, in order to proceed, we require the OK of the treating doctor and a CT scan showing complete healing of the fractured segment.

Fusion or fixation of C0, C1 and C2, as you can easily guess, precludes correction of the vertebrae in question. It is desirable that the vertebrae have been fixed in alignment. Even if a correction is not feasible, it is possible to benefit from loosening the surrounding muscles with an AtlantoVib massage session.

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact an Atlantomed specialist in order to assess a possible individual solution.

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