AtlantoVib 4: Rolls-Royce among the Atlas correction devices

We have patented the AtlantoVib 4 device under the name ATLANTOtec, which can realign the Atlas and loosen the muscles of the entire body in a way that has never been possible before.

The most important innovation: AtlantoVib 4 is the only massage device that uses the principles of resonance and modulation at the same time!

What is resonance?

Resonance is a well-known mechanical phenomenon in physics. If you subject a solid body to a vibration of the right frequency, this is further amplified, generating a self-oscillation of the body itself.

Every solid body has only one frequency that can make it resonate. The value of this frequency depends on the physical properties of the object: the type of material, weight, texture, shape and size.
Only by applying the right specific frequency can a body be made to resonate.

At the resonance frequency, the maximum oscillation amplitude and energy transfer is achieved. This phenomenon is particularly suitable and effective for reaching and oscillating the deepest muscles. Although the human body is not really a solid body, each muscle responds much better to a certain frequency than to another, producing an effect similar to resonance.

Tests carried out by Atlantomed on the human body have made it possible to determine the correct resonance frequency to which the different layers of muscle respond best. As the various muscles differ in length, volume and muscle tone, this results in a wide range of different resonance frequencies.

Precisely because each muscle has its own resonance frequency, AtlantoVib 4 generates cyclically variable frequencies that the Atlantomed specialist adjusts individually, allowing a quantum leap in the effectiveness and speed of muscle relaxation.

No negative effects have been observed when the body is exposed to mechanical vibrations, unless certain limits are exceeded. See for example the Galileo vibration platform and the study below.
Massaggio con risonanza Rappresentazione del principio della risonanza
Rappresentazione grafica del massaggio con vibrazioni meccaniche

What are the benefits of treatment with AtlantoVib 4?

Although the AtlantoVib 4 is a very powerful and effective device, at the same time it is particularly quiet, which results in a more pleasant and relaxing massage session, since it is also necessary to massage close to the ear.

By exploiting the resonance of the muscles instead of just vibrating them, a far greater relaxation effect is achieved, making the end result much more satisfying for the same amount of treatment time.

What you will read next, you will hardly find elsewhere, is a new insight into muscle physiology.

The contractile unit of muscle tissue that supports and moves the skeleton is called the Sarcomere.
Principio di funzionamento del Sarcomero e rilassamento delle fibre muscolari
Principio di funzionamento del Sarcomero

Prolonged muscle tension causes a kind of hysteresis loop* in the extension of the sarcomeres of the muscle. In fact, some of the muscles that support the body shorten, leading to a deterioration in posture and the consolidation of pain. The reasons why this happens and the consequences are explained in the rest of this site.

* What is the hysteresis cycle?

Rappresentazione grafica del ciclo di isteresiRappresentazione del ciclo di isteresi
Once a muscular contracture has developed, especially if it has persisted for a long time, even if we manage to relax the muscle in some way, it will still remain shorter, a sort of 'memory effect' that prevents the muscle from returning to its initial state of relaxation.

Anatomical literature merely speaks of hardened muscles and increased muscle tone, but the mechanisms that induce this phenomenon are never really explained in detail. Worse still, no real solution to the problem is proposed, beyond the usual massage and the intake of myorelaxant or anti-inflammatory drugs with a timed effect.

The resonance and modulation produced by AtlantoVib 4 are able to make the sarcomeres oscillate with an amplitude that cancels the "memory effect", cancelling the hysteresis cycle and allowing the muscle to return to its original length. This effect cannot be induced in any way by any manual massage or other types of therapy or manipulation.

The residual tension in the muscle is reset, so to speak. The musculature relaxes so deeply that important postural changes can be observed immediately after the session.

The speed with which this happens, provided you manage to centre the resonance frequency of the muscle, is astonishing, so much so that the result surpasses anything you have experienced before.

The continuously variable frequencies reach all muscles, from the largest to the smallest to the tightest and deepest.

The great advantage of AtlantoVib 4 is that it effectively reaches even the deepest structures, which are impossible to reach with other massage methods. The vibrations spread and permeate the entire body.

In order to understand the power of the instruments, we can say that placing the two devices anywhere on the spine produces a wave that continuously propagates back and forth along the entire spine, perceptible from the sacrum to the cranium, giving the sensation that the instruments are constantly being moved, while in reality they are stationary on the same point.

Although the two devices are positioned on the back, as the frequencies alternate and thanks to modulation, the vibration spreads to the sternum, which is on the other side of the body, resting on the couch. The effect of the resonance is so powerful that in some rooms the vibration extends to the room, producing audible standing waves in some areas of the room and even in adjacent rooms.For the sake of completeness, we would like to point out that if there are other disturbing factors, which can be investigated by reading this site in its entirety, after a certain period of time, the muscular problem may recur.

It is precisely for this reason that it is necessary to investigate and resolve the primary cause that has generated the muscular contractures and the skeletal imbalance, rather than simply relieving the muscular tension that is simply the consequence. Misalignment of the Atlas is one of the possible causes and is often the decisive one.

Deep muscle massage produces the initial benefits, while Atlas correction develops them over the long term.

Not all massages are the same

The AtlantoVib 4 device is used in pairs, i.e. two devices at the same time, thus significantly increasing its effectiveness and generating frequency modulation.

This innovation offers a considerable benefit for the person undergoing treatment. Even the most stubborn and long-standing muscle contractures can be eliminated effectively. Contractures that not even many cycles of traditional massage or other types of treatment could dissolve.
Only after effective relaxation of the muscles can the incorrect position of the first vertebrae be determined with real certainty and then realigned. Without adequate preparation of the cervical muscles, the response of the manual Atlas check can be misleading and have a very high margin of error.
This explains why few manual therapists deal with the Atlas vertebra, even though its alignment is of fundamental importance: they simply do not have the tools or the technique to deal with it effectively, which is why they prefer to ignore it or practice only bland treatments, which certainly do not solve the problem.

This also explains the failures and recurrences obtained by applying other methods to the Atlas: when the cervical muscles are too hard and the therapist does not have the adequate means to intervene effectively, the results often leave something to be desired.

The AtlantoVib 4 device is the key to effectively loosening even the hardest muscles and to practicing a truly effective Atlas correction!

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